Polk County seal

With a finished work session, the Polk County Commission is ready to meet and vote on various new and old issues.

Those interested in spectating can visit 73 Clines Ingram Jackson, Cedartown beginning tonight at 7 p.m.

The group has been working on their new Fiscal Year 2020 budget, but pending completion of the figures, they're considering simply operating under the numbers established in last year's budget until the formal adoption for FY 2020.

If approved, this item wouldn't replace the need to create the new budget, but it would at least give the county an idea of how to operate in the meantime. This would also mean the FY 2020 can't be adopted until the commission's August meeting at the earliest.

After a few potential zoning changes, the group will also formally approve or decline grants from the Family Drug Court, the Mental Health Court, and the Adult Felony Drugs Court. These grants total $581,011 and if approved, could mean more employees or other improvements to the court systems.

Other general items include an appointment to the Polk County DFACS Board of Directors, the appointment of a chairperson to the Polk County Complete County Committee for the 2020 Census, the approval of a new vehicle for Public Works, the purchasing of a new administration vehicle, and purchase of new cages for the new animal control cat room.

Alongside voting on other miscellaneous items, the commissioners will provide comments before entering an executive session for potential and pending litigation. Those interested in the agenda or other county issues can find more information by visiting http://www.polkgeorgia.org.