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Polk is sure to see plenty of changes in 2020, but those changes will once again be directed by Chairperson Jennifer Hulsey and Vice-Chairperson Hal Floyd who were selected to maintain their positions during the county commission’s latest meeting.

The two have served in their roles since 2018 when the commission at the time unanimously appointed them. Hulsey, who relieved Marshelle Thaxton as chair, also served as Polk Vice-Chairperson in 2017 and was elected to the District 2 seat in 2014.

The duo has contributed to developments in the Grady Road Landfill situation, the creation of the Polk County Technology Committee, updates to the county’s radio tower system, and updates to various other aspects of Polk County life during their tenure with the county’s government.

Both Hulsey and Floyd can also be found in the various committee meetings that are held throughout the year, and it’s their input that helps decide what gets brought before the commission for final approval.

The commission also made a slew of appointments to various other boards. Peter Buchner is maintaining his position as the Board of Election Chairman, Tom Reilly and Derinda Stephens were appointed to the Board of Assessors, and Mike Hunter was appointed to the Ethics Committee.

The Board of Assessors members will serve four-year terms with a beginning date of January 1, 2020, and those appointed to the Ethics Committee will serve two-year terms with a beginning date of January 1, 2020.

The District 3 seat for the Ethics Committee still needs a placement, but the commission agreed to table the item until further notice.

More information about county employees, the county commission, and county meetings can be found by visiting polkga.org.

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