Polk Medical Center Jan. 2014

Work is progressing on the new Polk Medical Center being built off U.S. 278 just east of Cedartown as the new year begins. The new 73,000 square foot facility being constructed by Floyd Healthcare Management is set to open later this year. (Kevin Myrick, Cedartown Standard)

Kevin Myrick

Local community and business leaders will be given a chance for a sneak peek of the new Polk Medical Center during a private tour at the end of the month.

Floyd Medical Center (FMC) Vice President Dan Sweitzer said costruction on Polk County’s new hospital is currently slated to be completed on time. He said it was a good time for the hospital board and other local leaders on the invite-only tour slated for Jan. 28.

“The roof will be up, and the exterior walls will be up, but the interior walls won't be up yet,” he said. “So this is the perfect time for us to get the board and others on the site to get a good perspective of what the whole thing looks like.”

Sweitzer said construction on the facility is about where it should be despite wet weather in the latter months of 2013.

“We’re still on target, and were well ahead of our target date before this cold and rainy weather came in December and first of January,” he said. “So we’re pretty much back on schedule now. We’re hoping for good weather to get us back on schedule.”

He said many of the delays in construction are brought about because the exterior walls and roof are still finished, so the site is exposed to the elements.

“You can’t pour concrete if it's too cold, you can’t be up there welding if it’s raining,” Sweitzer said. “Once we get the walls and the roof up, then the weather doesn’t have as much of an impact.”

The 73,000 square foot hospital being built at the intersection of US 278 and Kelly Road in Cedartown is currently slated to open sometime in September or October of 2014. He said further holdups could be caused by landscaping issues if the weather doesn’t allow in July and August.

“Heavy rains then will complicate things,” he said.

The hard hat tour this coming week will take place after construction is completed for the day. Sweitzer said they expect 40 to 50 people from Polk and Floyd County to be there, including members of the city and county commissions, both Polk and Floyd Medical Center hospital boards and the leadership team, among others.