SkillsUSA state winners honored

SkillsUSA winners Logan Fincher, Tripp Ivie, and Chase Manning were honored alongside their instructors Matt Hayden and Todd Tillery during a ceremony at the Board of Education meeting on May 16 celebrating their state championship wins.

Kevin Myrick

SkillsUSA is seeing victory after victory thanks to the hard work and long-term dedication of students who toil in their labors to build their championships but also mastering trades to last a lifetime.

In particular, Logan Fincher, Tripp Ivie, and Chase Manning have been demonstrating talent and hard work by winning state level competitions, with chances to win at nationals next month.

The trio were honored by the Polk County Board of Education for their wins in the state competition during the May 16 regular meeting, along with two teachers who helped make it possible, Matt Hayden and Todd Tillery.

But ultimately it was the hard work and years of learning that got the three of them to where they are today.

Tripp Ivie has a long history with the organization and competition already.

A member since his Freshman year, Ivie has also been in the metals program for the entirety of high school and has been competing with SkillsUSA since his sophomore year.

Ivie placed third at regions in Precision Machining Technology during his first SkillsUSA competition and later placed second at the state level for CNC machining during his Junior year.

Now as a senior, Ivie has conquered state and taken home first place for CNC Machining.

Aside from competing, Ivie served as secretary of SkillsUSA during his Junior year and later took up the mantle of Vice President for his Senior year.

The long term member also contributes to organization fundraisers by building various for sale items.

Logan Fincher is a hands on man who’s passion for building, competing, and carpentry has allowed him to flourish inside of SkillsUSA.

The now 17 year old has been in Skills for the majority of his high school career and has been competing in carpentry competitions for just as long.

Fincher took first at regions his sophomore year, stole second at state as a junior, and now as a Senior the veteran Skills member is headed to the nationals after snatching first place at the state level.

Fincher’s steady increase in performance is evidence of his hard work, but the senior is grateful to SkillsUSA for “allowing me to learn and accomplish things I never would have thought I could do.”

Chase Manning has three years of SkillsUSA under his belt and enjoys nearly everything about it.

“Growing up looking up to my dad, I just always wanted to try welding,” said Manning. “When I finally did I was a natural at it.”

Manning’s 3 years of experience and passion for competition has led to a first place victory in welding at the state level.

Thanks to his dedication and SkillsUSA, Manning was able to compete in one of his biggest passions.

Now Manning is headed to the next level of Welding and has himself, his father, and the organization to thank for it.

The feats of the trio is no doubt impressive. Years of dedication towards carpentry, welding, and machinery has led these men to become top scorers at the state level, and they have no plans to stop now.