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On June 1, members of the Cedartown High School Class of 1955 gathered at Petros for lunch. Memories of the past were exchanged and enjoyed by all.

Ideas for the forthcoming 65th full class reunion were also discussed. The ode below was read and enjoyed as well.

A forthcoming luncheon will be held at Petros on September 7 at 1 p.m. Here's hoping that classmates that missed the last one will be able to attend.

"Ode to my Classmates"

They came together for years.

Gathering as classmates and friends.

Then graduation separated them.

Many scattered throughout the nation.

Some went to college, some went military.

Others settled into a variety of fields.

Some stayed home while others roamed.

New friends and circumstances they adapted to.

Old friends and highschool became but a memory.

Then one day, years later, they received word.

A reunion was planned for the Class of 55.

Old faces and times flash through heads.

Each had their own reaction to the news.

Will I remember who these people are?

How will I be received by them?

Will I recognize them? Will they recognize me.

How many are still living? How many have died?

Are they now widows/widowers, married, single?

Will some brag about their successes?

Or just be happy to be among old classmates?

When they gather their doubts are soon forgotten.

They immediately reform old bonds and new ones.

The world is at least for a while.

At peace for the class of 55.

Submitted by Bobby McElwee