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The Cedartown City Commission saw many presentations in their agenda such as revisited city plans and future promotions.

However they came back to one specific topic during their June meeting.

City Manager Bill Fann addressed concerns brought up by members of the Turner Street Park committee presented at the May meeting on the lack of progress at their park. An area where the city feels it has adequately addressed in the past.

“We (the City of Cedartown) have invested over $70,000 in the last three years for improvements for the park,” Fann said. “This includes exterior restrooms, new tables and chairs, repairs to the building, a new pavilion and new picnic tables…”

Fann said the city has invested more into Turner Street in the recent years than the other parks, and the investment has paid off since the Trippe Foundation will be looking over plans for a pavilion over the basketball court in the coming months.

 “As long as there is communication regarding how facilities needs need to be met,” Fann said.

All of the commissioners advocate for parks and recreation, and what they also want to see is increased use of the facilities at Turner Street to justify increased investments in the park and the Turner Street Center, like the day camp underway.