It’s been yet another busy week for Cedartown’s Nick Chubb.

The Cleveland Browns star could be found in Atlanta on Wednesday. Chubb was called upon to say “Play Ball” for the Braves matchup against the Washington Nationals on July 17th.

In addition to his duties for Atlanta, he also received some more high praise from Touchdown Wire analyst Doug Farrar. Farrar, a trusted higher-up when it comes to Fantasy Football, ranked Chubb as the no. 10 back in the league for the upcoming season.

As Farrar wrote, “Chubb has already learned what it takes a lot of young backs a lot longer to figure out — that good things happen when you wait for your blocks to take effect.”

“With all the talent and opportunity in front of him (in 2019), do not be surprised if Chubb winds up closer to the top of these sorts of lists next offseason,” said BrownsWire reporter Jeff Risdon.

With his name all over the media, how did the UGA product finish off his week? The same as always, working out with local athletes including CJ Washington, Jayan Kent, and Eli Barrow, at the Cedartown High School Boy’s Field House.

Tune in next week for another edition of ChubbWatch.