The Cleveland Browns opened preseason play by defeating the Washington Redskins 30-10 at home this past Thursday.

Though the regular season has yet to officially begin, Cleveland was in prime mid-season form.

Cedartown’s Nick Chubb made an impact in the win. The second-year back played only on the first drive, where he rushed once for 12 yards. He also corralled a 14 yard pass from quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The Browns’ starters on offense scored in just two minutes to start the game. This would be the only action Chubb and company would see in the preseason game.

In other Nick Chubb news, an article posted Saturday by is projecting Chubb to hold out for a large contract when his rookie deal is completed. However, when asked, Nick said, “Yeah, I’m not sure, that’s on down the road.”

In addition this week, Chubb reportedly returned to Georgia to claim fan-made custom bowling shoes. He then rented a bowling alley for members of a local Boys & Girls Club to play.

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