• A new principals wall is unveiled in the main Cedartown High School hallway.

Former and current leaders in the Polk School District gathered last week to celebrate the careers of the people who have made a mark on Cedartown High School.

A ceremony was organized to unveil the Cedartown Principals Wall of Fame on Oct. 24, where former school administrators who could make it joined with current Principal Scott Hendrix for an opportunity to reminisce about their time as leader of the Cedartown Bulldogs.

“A school building is only as good as the people who went before,” Hendrix said. “Those principals who have served before have helped improve this school and helped build up people. They deserve a little spot.”

Hendrix added that as he went through researching and putting together the wall honoring past leaders at the school, they all have a common trait among them: “they’re firm people, they’re consistent. They know how to get things done and solve problems. It takes a broad skill set to run a high school.”

Among those who were among those honored on the wall was John Toland, who has been retired for several years following his tenure as the leader at Cedartown High School.

He’s been spending much of his time still riding around on his Harley Davidson, which was one of his memorable daily routines as principal at Cedartown High School. Hendrix said he continues to smile at the thought of Toland parking his motorcycle each morning in his reserved spot.

Toland himself had praise for Jimmy Carter, who was “the man who hired me and gave me a chance over here.”

“Retirement has been good to me,” Carter said, echoing the comments of other past principals who went on to other things after their service at Cedartown High School.

“There are parts I miss, but I’m glad that I was able to serve,” Toland said.

The wall dates back to principals as far as the school had yearbook records for in the library, all the way to 1944 when W.B. Thomas was principal, and served for more than 20 years and was also a former superintendent.

The list also include L.D. Wheeler, Tommy Guillebeau, David Rhoades, Carter, Bill Crick, Toland, Ken Pritchard, Hal David and Darrell Wetherington.

Those wishing to stop by to see the photos of past principals can do so during their next chance at Cedartown High School, located directly across the Bulldogs’ trophy case.