As Christmas speeds around the corner for the adults and drags along for the children it seems that Cedartown are celebrating it the right way by throwing a party.

To start off the holidays on the right foot here on main street in Cedartown, the community and the Cedartown High Jazz Club threw a ceremony to light up the two Christmas trees in the park.

Christmas classics with a jazzy twist filled the downtown park creating holiday vibrations throughout the air.

City Commissioner Matt Foster was one of many who came down to join the celebration and join the holiday cheer.

Foster shared what he enjoyed most about the event.

“I love how it shows what Cedartown truly is,” Foster said. “Its not just some city or just one side of Polk county or just a school, but its the entire community rallying around and supporting not just the kids, but our entire community.”

As the big day following Santa’s overnight ride comes closer, some of the children at the ceremony shared what they wanted from good ‘ol saint Nicholas when he takes his one trip around the world on Christmas day.

Bella Bailey, 6, and Joseph Bailey, 8, seemed to be living up their holiday spirit as they danced to the music played by the band.

They had said that this year the siblings have been extra good and has asked Santa for something magical.

“We want to go to Disney world,” the two excitingly responded.