Cherokee Road Paving Project - July 2018

Work is underway this week on Cherokee Road, with deep patching of several spots on the roadway between Highway 27 North and Cave Spring Road being the first fixes on the list for three-week long project. / Kevin Myrick

When will Cherokee Road’s paving project start? The jump off date to begin widening and resurfacing the roadway between Highway 27 North and Cave Spring Road keeps getting pushed back.

County Manager Matt Denton said the new start date for the paving project was now set for Monday after press time. It had been pushed back from early June, to mid-June, and then again to July 2 in the past weeks.

“They keep postponing because the projects they (C.W. Matthews) are currently working on because rain keeps delaying those projects,” Denton said. “They are planning on Monday, but they may send another e-mail with an update by then.”

C.W. Matthews won the bid of $865,325 to resurface and widen Cherokee Road, with the county footing most of that bill but additional Local Maintenance and Improvement Grants from the state adding more than $300,000 to help cover the costs.

Residents of Cherokee Road can expect some traffic delays during the project, but C.W. Matthews will be providing traffic control. Additionally due to the widening, mailboxes and other features will have to be moved back but that work is also being handled by the contractor.

Officials are asking drivers who are used to taking Cherokee Road as a pass through from Cave Spring Road to Highway 27 North should consider different driving routes once the project begins.

Already one change came to Cherokee Road last week due to stormy weather during the early summer. A large tree at the corner of Cherokee Road and Highway 27 North came crashing down during the Independence Day holiday week, and had to be removed by crews on July 5.

After this report published in the Standard Journal on July 11, C.W. Matthews was out on Cherokee Road getting work underway.