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A suspect who was injured in a July shooting at a party is now in jail facing felony and misdemeanor charges. 

Dalton Wayne Brown, 21, of an Aragon address, was jailed on Monday for misdemeanor counts of criminal trespass and pointing or aiming gun or pistol at another, and two additional counts of felony aggravated assault in a July 3 incident at a party on Judd Brazier Road. 

At the time, police did not name Brown as the suspect in the case since he hadn't been officially charged. He is accused of showing up at the party with a shotgun after sending several threatening text messages to his ex-girlfriend and others in attendance. When he arrived, several of his friend began a fight and then Brown grabbed the shotgun. 

The ex-girlfriend's stepfather then came into the situation and shot twice, once in the arm and a second round went through the shotgun. 

He remained in the Polk County Jail on a $23,000 bond. 

Polk County Police are still investigating and additional charges against other suspects involved in the incident are pending. 

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