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In this week’s look back on Polk County’s past as the paper celebrates its 150th year, local historian Gregory Gray provides us with two items from 1911 — one from Cedartown and one from Rockmart. We continue to thank and appreciate his assistance in providing us with items from long ago that help in understanding Polk’s roots. Those who want to suggest a topic or send in an item can e-mail

We start this week from from a January 1911 edition of the Cedartown Standard:

More Anniston Capital — Finds Entrance in Cedartown---Interest Acquired in Kuster Manufacturing Company.

The fact that Anniston capital-through the good work of Mr. Wm. Parker, president of our, Standard Mills-has become interested in the establishment here of the F.E. Kuster Company, a new enterprise for the manufacture of pasteboard cartons and similar products, has bonne additional fruit.

Through Mr. Parker’s instrumentality members of the Noble family, of Anniston, have acquired from Mr. Chas. E. Kuster an interest in the Kuster Manufacturing Co., one of our best industries.

Mr. Kuster has made a splendid success of this plant, which manufactures paper boxes and whose output is in constant and strong demand, but the condition of his health requires that he take absolute rest for a time, and this fact induced him to let the Anniston people in. He had a complete break-down recently from over-work, from which he has never fully recovered, and will leave with his family in a few days for a sojourn in Florida. Their many friends hope that he will have early and complete restoration to health. This hope is especially strong with all who have been connected with him in any way in his enterprise, his employees holding him in especially high regard. Mr Kuster has always paid good wages, and has run his plant without shutdown from the time he first took it in charge.

Mr. Fred E. Kuster, who has been the successful manager, will continue in that capacity, which insures the same satisfactory output for the plant and the same pleasant dealings with their long list of well-satisfied customers. The two Messrs. Kuster are brothers, whose work has been of great value to Cedartown.

The Nobles are one of the oldest and most prominent families of Anniston, and that city was more indebted to them than anyone else for its original upbuilding. Cedartown is to be congratulated on the fact that these excellent people have become identified with our interests, and some members of the family will move here in the near future and will be warmly welcomed.

Later in the year from the Rockmart side of the county, this note was posted in December 1911:

Rockmart Opens Public School

Rockmart has been furnished for many years with excellent school facilities by Piedmont Institute, one of the educational institutions of the North Georgia Methodist Conference, but is now to have a public school belonging to the town and supported by direct taxation, in accordance with a recent vote of the people.

The old knitting mill building has been fitted up for use until a school building can be erected.

Prof. Dennis, who has been with Piedmont Institute, has been elected as Principal, with Miss Belle Pickard, of Cedartown, as assistant, Miss Dunbar, also a Piedmont Institute teacher, and Miss Fannie Bullock of Rockmart, are in charge of the primary grades.

The faculty is an excellent one, and the school opened Monday, with good attendance.

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