Bulldogs take a bite out of Chattooga County in pre-season match-up, focusing on opener against Rockmart on Friday night

The Cedartown football came home with some work to do after finish-ing their scrimmage game against Chattooga County.

Though the Bulldogs won 27-0 over the Indians in a matchup that doesn’t count for the record books, head coach Doyle Kelley wanted to see more out of his team.

“We were spotty in places,” Kelley said. “We’ve got to make improve-ments and adjustments in areas like our turnovers and making sure we don’t make mistakes and get penalties for it.”

The Bulldogs did have plenty of bright spots in the game. Kelley said his defense – both the starters during two quarters of play and then the younger backups – all did their job and kept Chattooga off the score-board throughout the night.

“Not a single point was given up on varsity or JV,” Kelley said. “That was a great performance from our defense.”

He did say his team had plenty of playmakers. Kelley pointed to the good performance of dual threats in the backfield on the ground in Tony Mathis and Kobe Pryor as examples of offensive standouts.

Junior quarterback Taji Hudson also picked up “70 or 80 yards run-ning the ball” according to Kelley, and did his job well.

He also pointed to a solid outing from his special teams, especially on punting.

Where Kelley said the real trouble came was in turnovers. The Bulldogs gave up the ball five times over the course of the trip to Summerville, and also gave up a lot of yardage on penalties.

“The mistakes are on us, and we’re going to have to work on those kinds of things before we head to Rockmart,” Kelley said.

The Bulldogs travel this Friday to play at The Rock to start the season in their rivalry matchup against the Yellow Jackets. They only had the single scrimmage on the schedule compared to the two Rockmart got to play to start off August heading into the big game this week.

Cedartown has this afternoon and Thursday to get ready for the kickoff at 7:30 p.m. Friday against the Yellow Jackets.

The Bulldogs squad goes into the game with 11 seniors on the roster for 2018, including Mathis who looks to have a big season as college recruits continue to take notice of his abilities.

They have just as many younger players on the team this year however, with a good portion of the 2018 Bulldogs starting fresh on the high school level. 

Kelley did say there were plenty of positives in the game, and that he was glad the Bulldogs went up against a good squad in Chattooga County.

He’s had plenty of experience in Summerville, having previously served as a pastor there for 11 years.

“It was nice heading back up there,” he said. “I get to see a lot of people I know that I don’t get to catch up with that often. It was a good trip.”