Those who are interested in taking part in recreation sports this fall started this month and continue through dates in July and August at the Nathan Dean gymnasium at the Bert Wood Youth and Athletic Recreation center on select nights.

This summer, dates for registration include July 16 and July 18, as well as August 6 and August 8 for summer clinics and fall sports, that include dates earlier in the month of June.

Cedartown’s fall sports offerings include tackle football for ages 7 through 12 at $40 for each player, as well as flag football for youth 5 and 6 for $30 a player. Cheerleaders for youth ages 4 through 12 are $30 a participant.

Other fall sports include league soccer play for youth 4 through 13 at $40 a player, and softball for children 5 through 14 at $35 a player.

The age caps for each child are set prior to September 1 and the start of practice and play in local leagues.

All registration is being held from 5 to 7 p.m. in the gymnasium.

Summer clinics are also forthcoming for the recreation department, but pre-registration for the pair of events for softball and basketball are closed. Those interested to see if more spots are available can contact the recreation department at 770-748-7783. This year’s softball clinic is taking place between July 18 and 19 at Cedartown High School in the morning hours and offers children the opportunity to learn from local players.

This year’s basketball clinic is also taking place at Cedartown High School’s gymnasium from July 15 through July 17 in the morning hours and will give youth the opportunity to work on their fundamentals ahead of the 2019-2020 recreation basketball season.

Cedartown’s Recreation Department aren’t the only ones holding a camp locally. This Thursday, participants who registered at are getting to take part in a four-hour camp at Cedartown High School with Nick Chubb in a Hometown Football Camp for youth 6 to 16.

His camp is being sponsored in part by local businesses as well.