Farm City Week in Cedartown

James Casey and Sue Cuzzort stand with Cedartown Commissioner Matt Foster during a presentation of a proclamation celebrating Farm City Week. (Contributed photo)

Earlier in the month, Cedartown was one of many cities in Georgia to take time out during their November to celebrate Farm City Week, which wrapped up on Thanksgiving.

Polk County Farm Bureau’s president James Casey and Sue Cuzzort were presented with an official proclamation from City Commissioner Matt Foster to celebrate the week designated between Nov. 17 and Nov. 23 that celebrates cities and towns like Cedartown who rely heavily on agriculture as a main source of business.

Agriculture generates more than $7 billion of a total of more than $780 billion in economic output in the state in the last year, and in 2015 farm values were at more than $13 billion across the state.

Thanksgiving was the perfect time to recognize the week according to Farm Bureau officials, who said that annually the holiday is a reminder of the bounty that Polk County residents enjoy because of the impact of agriculture on the economy.