Cedartown Commission Work Sesison - January 2020

Commissioners Dale Tuck and Jessica Payton listened in as City Manager Bill Fann talked about bid options for the next phase of the new Goodyear Park Soccer Complex.

The next phase of the Goodyear Park Soccer Complex in Cedartown is coming up toward bidding as the city looks to add amenities for the West Avenue soccer fields.

City Manager Bill Fann brought along a state bid package for a new concession stand and bathroom at the soccer complex to the City Commission’s attention at their latest work session to give them an option of where they wanted to go next.

Fann said the city is looking to provide a men’s and women’s room on the site alongside a place to purchase snacks and drinks that would be the second phase of construction on the complex that began last year. Though the field is setup and fencing installed, it is currently closed off for public use until sod on the fields has a chance to establish itself and the concession stand can be added.

His hopes are that the city can have the 26-foot square block building completed in time for the spring opening day of the soccer season so youth can begin utilizing the complex fully.

However, he put before the Commission an option: either take the state bid price, or put it out for bid for local contractors to try and pick up the business.

“We would need to do that immediately to get that done and get bids back by February, so we can have a commitment for a successful bidder almost immediately,” Fann said.

The commission agreed that they’d like to see the opportunity go to a local bidder if possible.

Fann also brought to the attention of the board a brief discussion over the division of responsibilities for different programs in the Recreation department and those running them. He said having a more organized structure will avoid confusion in directing people to answering questions or addressing concerns prior to and during various seasons of youth sports.

Also, the city has worked on updating online scheduling and alert system to help notify parents and players when games are having to be postponed or meetings are called as well.

Fann said now parents and coaches can register online through the recreation department to gain access to calendars and communications based on what they would like to be notified of during seasons.

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