The annual cleanup of waterways across the country was also active in Cedartown over the past weekend for Rivers Alive 2019, which saw at least 100 people come out to get in the water and help pull out trash.

Keep Polk Beautiful Executive Director Randy Cook said a lot of the volunteers took off from their site near the footbridge over Cedar Creek and helped with cleanup efforts elsewhere, but that hundreds of pounds of trash were removed from waterways in the process.

“We’re excited about what we were able to accomplish this year,” Cook said.

He added his thanks to the Cook Farm, the Cedartown Junior Service League and other organizations around Polk County for their help with Rivers Alive 2019.

At the same time the cleanup was underway Fenley TV Repair, owned by Randy Fenley, was hosting their latest Electronics Recycling Day. Last time around in the spring, the combined efforts of Keep Polk Beautiful and Fenley TV brought in around 3,000 pounds of electronics to be recycled, including a number of flat screen TVs.

Old electronics are broken down for their component metals and other materials within once discarded at the recycling day in an effort to keep toxic substances out of landfills, like mercury and lead, which are used in older electronics as part of their mechanisms.

Though the organized cleanup efforts of Rivers Alive and the Electronics Recycling Day are over for now, Keep Polk Beautiful can use additional assistance in the community. Those interested in becoming a part of the organization or making donations can contact Cook at 678-246-1083.

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