The Polk County Calf Show Team kicked off their second year during summer vacation on July 16 with 30 members in 5th to 12th grades. They represent Rockmart FFA, Cedartown FFA, and Polk 4-H.

Several were one of the original 12 members last year and have come back as experienced showmen and mentors.

The Polk Show Team was conceived as a team sport in 2017.

While members may practice on their own while tracking their train-ing, members are encouraged to meet as a team three times per week to learn different skills and practice showing as a group.

Team members are expected to participate in at least five calf shows during the year beginning with August 30 at the Polk County Fair.

Shows throughout northwest Georgia will be scheduled with the Geor-gia National State Fair in Perry, over the first weekend in October, is the highlight for most of the team.

The Polk Show Team runs on volunteers and donations. Volunteers include Jeff Hawkins (Polk school district Young Farmer), Polly Barton (Rockmart FFA), Mike Ferguson (Cedartown FFA), Glenn and Laura Robinson, Madison Atkins, Savanna Norman and many parents. Dona-tions are essential.

Individual gear such as halters, brushes, combs and show sticks; grooming equipment; team shirts and supplies are just a few of the ex-penses. Add in feed, show entrance fees, hotels and travel, it costs as much as $2,000 to show each calf.

Glenn and Laura Robinson, Governor Roy Barnes and Randy Grogan have donated the calves to be trained and shown by the team members who practice at the Robinson’s Sleeping R Ranch in Rockmart.

The team members are currently raising money by selling Belk Charity Sale tickets and recently were at Chick-fil-A on Cow Appreciation Day to earn donations. Come cheer them on at the fair, Thursday, August 30.

Laura Robinson contributed this report to the Standard Journal.