QB choice still up in the air as Hudson returns to lineup after foot injury

The Cedartown Bulldogs are still hard at work this summer, helmets on and out on the practice field sweating out the learning curve, one play at a time.

They’ve been all over the area. Darlington, Paulding County, and last week were at home hosting a team instead of having to travel. The Haralson County Rebels came charging into town for a morning workout on the field between a few offensive and defensive players, the 7-on-7 run through that teams undertake in June and July before the dreaded three-a-days come up in early August.

Smell it in the air yet? That’s the scent of football season on the horizon, just like a summer storm.

And the Cedartown Bulldogs are still sniffing out how they’ll face the competition this year, and who will be under center when it comes time to take the field for their first scrimmage on August 10, when they face the Chattooga County Indians before the official start of the season.

Head Coach Doyle Kelley said the Bulldogs are shaping up at the moment, but still have the rough edges to knock off ahead of the start of school, and the 2018 football season.

Taking on another team in 7-on-7 play gives Kelley a chance to evaluate how he thinks the passing game is going for the Bulldogs ahead of the season, a piece of his offensive puzzle now made easier to fit together with Taji Hudson back on the field with a foot injury finally healed.

“We know Jackson and Jayden have been getting the work they needed. But Taji really needed the opportunity to get some work in,” Kelley said. “Taji threw well, Jackson threw well too.”

He isn’t saying who he’ll be choosing as the starting QB just yet. Kelley has a choice between Hudson, Jayden Johnson and Jackson Bussey to choose from to lead the Bulldogs on offense during the upcoming season. They’ll have at least one ally no matter what in the backfield in Tony Mathis, who will be the top Bulldog running back for the coming year

Where the Bulldogs won’t have any problems is on defense, based purely on how they did in the 7-on-7 against the Rebels’ passing game. During the final minutes of camp time on July 12, they knocked down each pass put up by Haralson County, and managed to end the possession with a pick.

“We made a great play there at the end of the day with Zahquan (Frazier) making that interception,” Kelley said.

Kelley said that Cedartown admittedly still has some work to do, but they still have a few weeks to get there before facing the Indians on Aug. 10, then traveling across the county to start off the season against Rockmart in the annual rivalry showdown.