Polk County Board of Education - May 8, 2018

The Polk County Board of Education heard a facilities report from Grady McCrickard. / Kevin Myrick

  • Additionally, awning contract awarded for RHS covering of student walkways

The Polk County Board of Education is moving forward on a plan to install awnings over areas of Rockmart High School where currently students are forced to face the elements when going to and from classes.

Board members voted unanimously to approve a bid of $59,462.00 to be paid to Tennessee Valley Metals, who has a plan to get the awnings installed over the summer months following the end of the school year over a ten week period, and have them done in time before students come back in August.

A second bid was presented by Peachtree Protective Covers, but didn’t include the work needed to provide footings for the awnings during installation. Additionally, their time frame for completing the work would have been much later in the fall months, according to board member Grady McCrickard, who presented the information during a report given from the facilities committee.

Superintendent Laurie Atkins also recommended that Tennessee Valley Metals be given the work, since their timetable for completion allowed for students to be out of school when work is being completed.

The board also decided that Polk School District would be consolidating their cleaning services contract from two companies to one. The facilities committee also recommended allowing the EcoChem contract to expire without renewal, and instead give all the business to Sullins Cleaning Company to do all the janitorial work for the school district’s 11 campus buildings, the central office and other facilities.

Awning work and a decision on cleaning companies were only two of the several items board members decided on during their May session. Among those were additional school nutrition contracts not decided upon in a bundle previously presented, which included the use of Sample Foods for meat and frozen and refrigerated foods, C.M. Tanner for dry goods and staple food products, and Mayfield Dairy for dairy, yogurt and juice products.

They had previously decided on other areas of the school nutrition contracts in bids presented during December 2017’s combined meeting that covered staffing, and grease pit pumping and cleaning.

Local schools that also used to rely on trailers for classroom space are now seeing more of those doublewides heading off of campuses as well. The board voted unanimously to accept bids to sell a trailer classroom from Northside Elementary, along with one from Cherokee Elementary at prices of $320 and $300 respectively. Daniel Vest was the highest bidder for the two former classrooms. Carlus Davis put in a bid of $100 for just the trailer from Northside as well.

Board members also heard a second reading of the FY 2019 tentative budget. They gave it their approval and allowed it to sit for final consideration before they come back in June to decide on the tentative numbers becoming the firm budget for the coming fiscal year.

Before heading into executive session and coming back out to make personnel decisions – approving one retirement, four resignations, seven new hires, and two transfers – they also got to approve field trips.

During the May 8 meeting, they gave the Rockmart High track team permission to travel to state for their overnight meets in Albany in past weeks, and for a trip by the Rockmart High golf team to Waynesboro to compete in their state tournament that started on Sunday, and continued through Tuesday after press time.

Financially, the Polk School District reported 75 percent of the budget year finished as of March, with revenues under a half of a percent above the figures they had heading into the end of the fiscal year for 2018. Expenditures were 12 percent less than budgeted, and the general fund balance stood then at a healthier $11.2 million, with SPLOST revenues for March coming in at over $369,000.

Via bond sales, the 2017 SPLOST construction account now sits at $17.7 million, ready for work to begin on the Agriculture Education center at Rockmart High, and future work for the Fine Arts wing at Cedartown High also set to start in the coming months as well.