A new store in downtown Rockmart offers not just a chance for parents to find quality apparel, but also to know that it is coming from someone who really cares about what local children are wearing.

“Kids have always been in my heart,” Natasha Crisler owner of the recently opened Berkleigh Mae’s said during her grand opening of the store on March 2.

The clothing boutique located at 107 E. Elm St. in Rockmart, is currently opened Wednesdays through Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with Saturday hours varying.

Crider, a young mother of two herself, is managing the business named after her daughter Berkeligh Mae.

Her store offers a variety of childrens clothing from infant sizes to toddlers and a little older than that, along with accessories and decor.

Everything within is something she would dress her own children in, everything from holiday outfits for the Easter season to summer swimwear and more. She even has items for moms and dads as well.

More about the store along with offers can be found on their Facebook page by searching for Berkleigh Mae’s Boutique, or on Instagram as well.