Tamera Beeman is heading north with a goal in mind to get herself onto the national stage in women’s basketball in the not too distant future.

The senior Lady Bulldog basketball star is headed off to college this coming fall and will be playing with the Community College of Beaver County in Pennsylvania.

Beeman said she was recruited by the Lady Titans to move north and play during the coming year.

The daughter of Rashida and Turk Shooks, Beeman plans to study to be a nurse while in school, but has bigger plans than that.

“I really enjoy helping people, but I also wanted to do something that I would enjoy and not what other people wanted me to do,” Beeman said.

She wants to work toward a spot in the WNBA, and might one day look beyond the Community College of Beaver County’s program toward a larger school for her talents and studies.

“I hope that my dreams propel me to the top,” she said.

Head coach Eddie Gambrell said he’ll have fond memories of his graduating senior. It goes all the way back to her first days on the court in practice as a freshman.

“She was like a bull in a china shop, that’s no joke,” he said. “I remember her very first practice during her freshman year. A senior post player that we had at the time, we were going through some drill work and whatnot and all the sudden Tamera turns around and lowers her shoulder and basically flattens her (the senior.) She’s had that mentality her entire career. She’s always been a physical player, but she learned how to kind of manage that over the last four years.”

He added that “I look forward to what she’s going to do on the next level. I think she’s going to be a very successful player.”

She joins a Lady Titans program that looks to improve in a big way with Beeman’s talent after the women’s team went 0-17 in the 2018-19 season.

She said she doesn’t plan to go into practice like she did on her first day with the Lady Bulldogs, but won’t be a “soft little girl.”

“I would rather stand my ground than be thought of as the weak link,” she said.

She said she will miss playing as a Lady Bulldog as she moves on.

“This is just the next chapter, but there’s nothing like playing in that gym with the bleachers and the crowd going crazy,” she said. “It was a bunch of good times, but you never know what the future holds.”

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