The first ever Breast and Prostate Cancer Awareness Walk has come and gone in Cedartown, but it will leave a lasting impression on participants after they took a stroll down Main Street.

The Oct. 12 event saw survivors donning pink and blue shirts and showing their support for efforts to end the pair of diseases that cause thousands of deaths a year across the globe.

After the walk took participants from Ideal Bakery to One Door Polk, they also had a chance to hear about upgrades a Floyd Polk Medical Center in breast cancer detection and screening, and from officials at Redmond about the importance of getting checkups for those at greater risk of both breast and prostate cancer.

The first ever walk was organized by April Welch and officials from Redmond and Polk Medical Center who wished to raise awareness to the pair of diseases and help ensure that people who are at risk get the help they need before it is too late for treatment. It comes during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is being remembered by several groups, teams and organizations across Polk County.

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