Kole Kimbro

Kole Kimbro is involved in a variety of arts, from writing songs to working with photographers. 

One local artist makes moments in her life a work of art, whether its representing her urban style on the daily with her fashion, photography modeling, or her features in music with artist that derived from Polk.

Even free time for a creative spirit like Kole Kimbro becomes part of her daily dive into art and has provided her with a growing following over the past two years.

Recently Kimbro has worked with numerous artists in the photography field, and dabbled in the music industry such as Triston Montgomery, also known as Dwayne, who is the owner of Tame Stitching and a photographer.

Kimbro and Dwayne have released music together such as the track “Nothing is the Same.”

“At 13 years old, I made my first song with Triston Montgomery,” Kimbro said. “This song was inspired by changing as a person and growing mentally and emotionally.”

Kimbro has also featured on other tracks with Branson Gowens, working on two songs inspired by his move to college and getting over a lost love.

She claims that she has been singing all of her life, she was mostly inspired by her grandmother, Lola, and said that Lola always played the piano and encouraged her to sing and it ended up being something she genuinely loved to do.

At the age of 8, Kimbro went and auditioned for “America’s Got Talent,” unfortunately she did not get a callback but it did not kill her aspirations to continue perusing the things that brought her joy in life.

Kimbro got into painting and drawing when she was 12, she inspired by her cousin Hunter Albea. She still enjoys drawing when she has free time.

“I get inspired to draw from emotional things like heartbreak and confusion,” Kimbro said. “Although those are dark times of our lives, it’s when we are most inspired and creative.”

In this past year, Kimbro has made some waves in the modeling industry as she has worked with countless photographers in Georgia, but more focused in the Atlanta area, to make an effort to start a new movement in the art industry.

“Modeling has become a strong passion of mine because being able to be a part of an image that can literally make others feel certain emotions.” said Kimbro, “I plan on being a part of several big projects in 2018, and hopefully these collaborations will propel me into movements that will never be forgotten.”

Kimbro shines mostly when it comes to her personality that gains a natural attraction whether its with her daily Snapchat uploads, her Youtube channel where she uploads video blogs, or just her ability to maker her every day life some type of entertainment for some one to enjoy or experience.

To see Kimbro’s work, visit her Instagram @4lokole where most of her modeling photos, photography, and the link to her YouTube channel resides.