Cedartown art students are hoping to paint the town with color as they get back out on North Main Street to give Pizza Hut’s windows a fall feel.

The club used their talents to fill the windows with all things fall related, such as pumpkins, changing foliage, and more incorpoating a pizza-based theme.

The members of the art club chowed down on their payment for the job, pizza and drinks for the club, and danced to music while they painted away on the storefront.

The proposal came after a member of the art club, who is also works at the restaurant, came up with the idea. The situations was a win-win for the club after singe they gained free gru and publicity of their talents from the job.

The Cedartown Art Club has been up and running for the past 9 years now led by Joyce Lyday who has dedicated her spare time into molding her students into becoming better artist.

“I love the aha moments: when they figure out how to do something or when they stop being afraid of putting that brush or pencil to the paper,” said Lyday, “when they feel that they can be successful in their own skills and enjoying what they created.”

Lilly Hayes is one of the senior leaders in the group. She is a computer animator and designer and finds joy in drawing her own little characters.

“Being apart of the art club allows me to keep art as a priority and keeps art a main goal in life,” said Hayes. “Even when school kinda takes over and i’m taken over with my academic career, art club always helps to step in to remind me that art is still a thing and a fun thing to do .”

Another leader of the art club and president of the art club is Sarai Diaz. She has been a member for the past 3 years starting her sophomore year; what got her into was actually inspired by her love for make up in middle school. Currently, besides doing makeup, Diaz enjoys to draw things inspired by animation such as Dragon Ball Z.

“We are a very small group compared to a bunch of other clubs that are in the school, but we are more like a family I say,” said Diaz. “We are all here just taking our time, drawing stuff, and painting buildings in our community trying to be effective here by spicing up things around town.”