Lunch is being served all summer long thanks to the efforts of council member Debbie Pittman and the City of Aragon.

Any and all can visit the Aragon Community Center across from the First Baptist Church for a different homemade meal every day from 11:30 a.m. through 1 p.m.

Various fundraisers and donations from the city means the program will continue throughout the summer, and meals will be provided at absolutely no cost to patrons.

The menu consists of everything from spaghetti to tacos, and special desserts such as popsicles and pies are provided. Pittman makes each meal at home using almost no pre-made ingredients.

Aragon's summer feed program offers an alternative to those who can't make it to the high schools for their lunch program, and this year's turnout was large.

June 5's spaghetti meal brought out 25 hungry locals, and the day before saw a 15 person turnout.

The program also lacks an age limit, and anyone is welcome regardless of location.

“If there's someone that needs a meal, we won't turn them away,” Pittman said.

Following their meal, youth could be seen playing outside, and the program is no doubt something the youth look forward to each day.