City of Aragon

City of Aragon

When 2018 rolls around, Aragon officials and the Polk County Board of Elections plan to setup voting machines in a new spot.

It will have no bearing on this year’s election and the precinct will be open at city hall at 7 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 7 as usual.

However the move of Aragon’s precinct from city hall to the Aragon Community Center will provide more space for voters in the future.

The decision was announced by Mayor Garry Baldwin during the city’s October council meeting, but he said that it will bring no change to this year’s countywide election at all.

“The last couple of large elections, the election board had gotten on previous administrations about providing more parking, but we’re so limited here at city hall in space there wasn’t much we could do,” Baldwin said.

Following an agreement brokered with Aragon Baptist Church to allow for voters to park across the street, the precinct will be able to move to the Community Center located across the street at the intersection of Elm and West Second Street.

Baldwin said that additional safety measures have been addressed as well, such as adding striping to the crosswalk and installing a new Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant wheelchair ramp.

Lighting was also fixed to ensure that officials and voters can see during the darker hours on election days in the future.

The first vote to take place at the community center will be in March 2018 for upcoming primaries.

He said the move is one that takes voters back to the community center, which is where elections were held prior to the construction of the Brenda Gazaway Municipal Complex on Highway 101.

Election officials are also happy with the move so far.

“I think it will be better because of the parking situation,” Karen Garmon, Polk’s Election Director said. “It won’t be as crowded when you go to vote.”