City of Aragon

City of Aragon

The first ever Chili Cook-off planned for this past weekend in Aragon was called off before it got to start, but organizers are hoping to hold something in the future to replace what had been hoped to be another new event at the Tom Pittman Recreation Complex. The event planned for Nov. 4 was canceled following several road blocks that caused it to be called off, and lack of vendors proved to be the festival’s biggest worry.

“We just didn’t have enough vendors,” Josh Ozment, who was helping his wife Jess with organizing the event, said. “We had like maybe four people. People were worried it might be cold, among other things.”

The cook off has not been rescheduled to a later date, but the town is still looking forward to future events.

“We’ll pull something else together down the line,” Ozment said.

Aragon has been looking to grow the number of events it has available to local residents throughout the year, and held their first ever Pumpkin Festival in early October.

SJ Correspondent Sean Williams contributed to this report.