City of Aragon

City of Aragon

Those who plan to use Aragon’s new basketball half court or older basketball goals will need to keep some rules in mind for how they’re playing, or face consequences if caught.

Aragon’s city council during their February session gave final approval after conducting a first reading of the rules in December 2017 to set down what will be allowed for those who want to play roundball in the local park spaces. The new rules were drafted in order to reduce incidents of unruly behavior which can disrupt legitimate play and even lead to violence.

The rules were approved unanimously in a new ordinance during their Feb. 15 session after they were set to be approved in a January meeting called off due to both sickness and winter weather.

The court rules are as follows:

Players will inspect the court surface before the beginning of any game.

No skateboards or bikes will be allowed on the court.

Alcoholic beverages and drugs are prohibited.

Spectators and pets will not be allowed on the court during games.

There will be no hanging from the basketball backboard, rims, or the net. Tagging or graffiti found on the playing surface or backboard may result in closure of the affected facility.

Basketball courts will be available for use during daylight hours only.

Use at your own risk.

Those who violate the rules can face fines between $100 and $500, banishment from playing on the courts enforced by the police department. Parents will be held accountable for children under 16 who break the rules.