Aragon officers honored for aid in fire

Aragon Police officers Christian Cruz and Chief Michael Evans received commendations for their efforts to help during a June house fire.

On the night of June 26, 2019, an Aragon home caught fire with an elderly occupant still inside. The fire was severe enough to badly damage the building and the individual unfortunately didn't survive, but the efforts of firefighters and the work of Chief Michael Evans and Sergeant Christian Cruz of the Aragon Police Department still played a massive role in containing the situation.

The police duo went beyond their call of duty by entering the still-burning building and attempting an early search for the trapped resident, and even after the firefighters arrived, the officers stayed on scene to help establish a water source and keep the streets clear of traffic.

For their courage, Mayor Garry Baldwin and the council took time out of their latest meeting to commend Evans and Cruz with both a plaque and the highest honor within the department: the Medal of Valor.

The award isn't given out lightly – Police Departments across the country reserve the Medal of Valor for the officers who exhibit unwavering bravery and heroism far above the normal demands of a police officer.

Police officers don't typically receive formal training in areas like house fires, so entering a blazing home and conducting a search was very much out of the confines of what the officers might have expected when they clocked in for their shifts.

The Aragon Police Department has also been making efforts to improve citizen-officer relations with events such as open houses, and those interested in seeing updates, information, and other details about the force can visit their new Facebook page at

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