Polk School District

The Polk School District put schools on lock downs over two days following anonymous tips posted to the district website’s forum.

Cedartown High School was first placed in a code blue lock down status on Wednesday afternoon following the lunch hour after an anonymous tip was placed with the district claiming a student brought a gun to school.

Superintendent Laurie Atkins later reported that no weapons were found. She added that police were investigating the tip following its receipt. Students were let out of school during regular dismissal time once the lock down was lifter later in the afternoon.

Then on Thursday morning, the district put both high school campuses on lock down for a few hours again after another threat was received against both Rockmart and Cedartown High Schools. Throughout the process, the district provided information on their Facebook page.

The tips were made in two separate reports. Investigations into the tips began on Wednesday following the first lock down, and continued into Thursday afternoon.

Both threats are now under investigation with the help of several law enforcement agencies including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Assistant Superintendent Katie Thomas reported.

“We thank everyone for their patience and the daily trust they place in the Polk School District to keep all our students safe no matter the circumstances,” Thomas said. “We take any threats made or reported seriously, and we’ll continue to work with law enforcement to find out who is responsible for making these false reports.”

Through their Facebook, the district promised follow-on updates on what happened and if any criminal charges are eventually filed against those who sent in the tips.

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