American Legion

An upcoming training event is open for the public to purchase a spot to gain a better handle on helping people when they get hurt, or are in distress and aren’t breathing.

The American Legion Post 86 in Cedartown is working with Prepared Samaritans CPR Training to provide a trio of certification classes in first aid, CPR and AED usage in the coming weeks in Polk County.

Currently, the American Heart Association reports that only 3% of all Americans are able to correctly provide CPR or use an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) to help someone in need. The American Legion’s Post 86 is providing the space for Prepared Samaritans CPR Training to come in a provide the trio of classes in one day to help increase the number of people trained nationwide to help others in times of crisis.

Everyone who participates in the classes will get certificates they can then turn around and use for certification purposes.

Classes are scheduled for Saturday, December 7 from 1 to 6:30 p.m. at Post 86, located at 1675 Rockmart Highway across from the Det. Kristen Hearne Public Safety Complex. The cost is $79 for the trio of certifications, and $65 for American Legion members.

The program is endorsed by the American Heart Association.

Contact or call Barbara Sullivan at 678-764-2778 for more information on the classes, or to sign up now. Those who want to come the day of the class and pay their fee will be able to have a spot in the classes.

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