‘George Washington’ is spending his retirement productively, and despite serving as the first president of the United States, he managed to visit the Rockmart Library to detail the history of the country and his life leading up to his inauguration.

The former president showed up to the April 9 event fully draped in his classic military attire- complete with a prop sword.

Locals were welcome to join in at no charge, and as Washington spoke on everything from Lexington and Concord to The Boston Tea Party, it wasn’t long until the room was filled with listeners.

“I grew up growing crops,” Washington said. “We grew tobacco and we also raised livestock. From that, I learned a lot of new skills growing up. See, I’m part of a very large family. I was one of 9 of my father’s children. I was the first-born of his second marriage. His fourth-born but the first of his second marriage.”

Washington would share other details about his life before moving into the country’s history, and while each topic was presented with a dose of lighthearted humor, he didn’t avoid talking about the struggles he and many of the other revolutionaries faced.

As stated by the man himself, Washington was faced with immense amounts of pressure when his father died, and the new found responsibility ultimately helped shape him in his career. He joined the military soon after his brother passed and quickly made a name for himself, serving in the Colonial Militia as an officer in the French and Indian War, eventually reaching the rank of Colonel within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The lecture would continue into his journey to the command of the U.S. Army during the Revolutionary War, and later into his presidency, and Rockmart locals left a little more knowledgeable about the country and its history.

More events from the Rockmart library can be found at http://rockmart.shrls.org/.

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