Super Moon over Big Spring Park

A bright full moon over Big Spring Park in Cedartown marked the first night of spring 2019. / Kevin Myrick

Polk County enjoyed a cool start to the first day of spring and a warm-up by the afternoon hours, but the real star of the show was a bright, full moon overhead that marked the final Super Moon of 2019. 

The "Full Worm Super Moon" seen overnight marked the last time the moon's orbit would come close enough during a full moon this year for the two to coincide together in orbit. 

Spring officially started on Wednesday as well, which means that readers should also make sure that if they haven't already to check those batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, change air filters in heating and air systems, and get the lawnmowers out in the days to come and get a first cutting of grass in before rain returns. 

Which according to the National Weather Service's latest forecast for the area, the predictions of rain returning start on Sunday and continue through the start of the final week of March.