Pansies grow well in October in Northwest Georgia due to our temperatures. The ideal temperature range for pansies is 40-degree nights to 60-degree days.

In Polk County, most pansies are planted in the fall of the year and may even produce a few blooms in late fall and winter. Come spring they are well established.

Most varieties are intolerant of hot dry weather.

Pansies belong to the violet family. Most pansies are hybrids.

These hybrids are larger flowered, more vigorous, earlier flowering, and more heat tolerant than most non-hybrids. Pansies are available in almost all colors. Flower sizes range from 1 to 4 inches.

Pansies are an excellent choice for low borders and for bedding. They mix well with spring flowering bulbs. They also work well in planters and window boxes. They grow best in full sun or light shade.

Too much shade will reduce flowering and may result in spindly plants. For bedding purposes, plants should be spaced about 6 inches apart. A fertile soil with drainage is essential for optimal growth.

A split application of fertilizer is usually recommended- in the fall at planting and again in spring around March.

Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers because they tend to produce “soft” plants.

Good luck and good gardening this fall!