Game Truck at Cedartown Middle School

Eighth grade students at Cedartown Middle School played video games on Friday as a reward for perfect attendance through the first semester. 

A small number of Cedartown Middle School students got a special treat for their perfect attendance today.

Tamra Walker, principal of Cedartown Middle, said this morning 37 of her 1,009 students got to video play games for 30 minutes at a time on a Game Truck out of Douglasville. She said students who went above and beyond perfect attendance records for the first semester – meaning no tardies, abscences or early check out from school – got to participate in playing games.

“We’re really trying to raise expectations and build student motivation toward school attendance,” she said.

Walker said students who achieved perfect attendance through the second semester of classes at the middle school will also be getting a surprise at the end of the school year.

Teacher Paige Gray and the Renaissance committee organized the first semester prize for students, Walker said.