A partnership between Polk School District and Floyd Healthcare Management continue to bear positive outcomes for students and educators alike, and a new addition to Cedartown Middle School seeks to increase that access.

The Polk School District is always working to make a difference in the lives of the children they serve. One way they can have a positive impact is ensuring they understand the meaning of giving back — especially as the holidays approach.

Thespians, band members and the voices of the choir will all have space and more when the new Fine Arts wing at Cedartown High School is completed in the months to come, but unfortunately there’s still a lot of work left to do before they can take over the building.

The Polk County School Board is hard at work keeping their policies updated, and the group’s latest meeting saw both the adoption of a new policy and the approval of various amendments to existing ones.

The Polk School District Board of Education is using monthly M.E.R.I.T awards to make sure their employees are recognized for the hard work they do. The award, standing for magnificent employees recognized for inspiration and talent, lives up to its acronym by honoring workers from various d…

Friday marked the first day back in classes for students within the Polk School District, and everything was smooth sailing for their return.

The time has come for parents to make sure the backpacks are loaded up with supplies and to drop off their children on time for the first day back to classrooms in the Polk School District.

Autumn Slatky, from left, new East Central Elementary principal Wesley Styles and Cara Esme, serve pancakes to the school’s teachers and staff on their first day of pre-planning. The breakfast was sponsored by the East Central PTO.

DONATION: Officer Jolie Blackmon, Graduate Polk Coordinator Lacey Tuck, and Officer Angelica Everett posed together after the pair of officers with the Department of Community Supervision gave back to the Polk School District Student Success Center in recent days. Local officers with the dep…

Leadership from the Polk School District met with several members of the community in the past days to make sure they fully understand recent reports and ease concerns over issues regarding religion and prayer in school activities in response to requests from a secular organization.

Polk School District is the latest local entity to finalize and approve their Fiscal Year 2020 budget, and beginning on July 1, the $79.3 million in revenue and expenditures will become available for salary increases and other general improvements.

The Class of 2019 will be one that remains a topic of discussion in Polk County for years to come. This group of seniors from both Cedartown and Rockmart include academic over-achievers worthy of celebration, state title seekers and winners, and teens who are ready to tackle whatever challen…

Polk School District’s top placing seniors got some much-needed downtime thanks to the annual honor luncheon, where the top 5 from both high schools were invited together to dine, mingle, and receive recognition for their accomplishments.

Commencement ceremonies are planned for this Friday night and Saturday morning as Cedartown and Rockmart’s Class of 2019 celebrate their final day of school in cap and gowns.

Several schools over the past week have been releasing the names of those making lists, celebrating honors and much more as they celebrate those from Polk County working toward degrees at colleges around the region.

Editor's note: in the print edition of this story on Page A1 this week, one of the photographs was incorrectly labeled. It should read the Rockmart High School Boys Tennis Team. We very much apologize for the error. 

Teachers from around Polk School District got to share in the love in a variety of ways during National Teacher Day on May 7. Yet one of the sweetest treats of all came from Cedarstream during last week’s event.

When new immigrants come to the United States, it is more likely than not the first barriers they encounter are with the language. Everything from finding a place to live to gainful employment requires at least some understanding of the English language.

Students at the Polk County College and Career Academy who participate in SkillsUSA are once again shining bright and several are headed onward to the national level after big wins in state.

A pair of local students just might have an opportunity as financial wizards once they finish their education after taking part in a stock trading game and winning a first place prize at Northside Elementary.

There’s a new facility for students to utilize within the Polk School District now coming open for business for the first time after months of construction wrapped up and gave officials the chance to see the new Agricultural Facility at Rockmart High School inside and out.

The Polk School District Board of Education is using monthly M.E.R.I.T awards to make sure their most exceptional employees are recognized for what they do.

The Polk County Board of Education is keeping the well-being of students and staff their top priority, and the group’s newly approved safety policy sees a large focus on the prevention of violence and terror.

Local educators at the Polk County College and Career Academy got a good grade from officials appointed by the state to determine how the program within Cedartown and Rockmart High Schools are performing some five years after forming.

A program that continues to help local youth ensure that they have stable sources of help when their families are going through tough times can rest assured that it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, the Dawg House Student Resource Center is going to be there for students in need at…

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