Valentine's Day

Couples young and old have just over a week to find a gift for their favored lover, and local businesses are ready to help shoppers find the right thing for their special someone.

One gift always popular for the holiday are roses, and Bussey’s Florists and Gifts are already expecting a large number of customers requesting a bouquet.

“We see more and more people gravitate to more and more colors besides red,” owner Todd Bussey said. “People are going toward lots of pinks, oranges and lavenders.”

Bussey said the roses being sold at his 302 N. Main St. shop are grown in the mountains of Ecuador and “have been beautiful lately.” He is looking forward to seeing a fresh batch later this week.

He said roses dominate the Valentine’s market, but aren’t the only flowers around.

“We find that customers like real lushful bouquets, and always look for something in a romantic color scheme,” he said. “Hydrangas, lillies, gerberas and tulips always seem to be really popular as well.”

Bussey said he also carries gifts that men would like as well, including gourmet gift baskets, candy baskets and even orchids.

“They are very stately and the blooms last for a long time. It’s a fun plant to watch and care for,” he said.

If flowers just aren’t enough, a trip to B. Oliver Jewelry on Blanche Avenue might be the next stop for Valentine’s shopping. Owner Besty Oliver said customers this time of year typically look for some kind of sparkling jewel to give their favorite someone.

“Normally diamonds are the most popular things this time of year,” she said. “Engagement rings are usually a big time that sells.”

Though she has a great selection of gifts for women, she said her selection of jewelry for men is somewhat limited.

For those looking for something unique for the holiday, Mike Dareing might have something on the menu both men and women will enjoy. Dareing, the owner and top chef of Dareing Events Catering in Cartersville, is offering up chocolate covered bacon roses for sale.

“It’s the best of both worlds for both men and women,” he said. “Women love chocolate and men love bacon. It’s love at first bite.”

He said the holiday isn’t just for women anymore, and offering up something both beautiful and delicious makes for a perfect gift.

“The trend of chocolate covered bacon has been around for a while, ever since it was introduced at the Wisconsin State Fair,” he said. “Last year, we saw someone make roses out of bacon on the Internet. It wasn’t hard to take it a step further to combine the two.”

Orders for the bacon roses can be placed through Feb. 12. Prices are $20 for a half-dozen in a small vase and $30 for a dozen in a small vase. Prices include delivery. To order, call 404-323-0956, e-mail or visit their website at