Solar Farm

File photo of a solar farm located just off of Marquette Road.

Another set of solar panels might be installed in Cedartown this year if a proposal from Inman Solar is approved by the Cedartown City Commission.

The commission heard the proposal during the Feb. 4 work session ahead of their Feb. 10 meeting. Bill Fann , Cedartown city manager, said Inman Solar is once again bidding for use of a Sixth Street site included in a list of nine possible sites overall during their proposals in 2013.

“Essentially they want to do the same thing again this year,” he said. “They put out proposals for a new site every year, and Inman will submit a lot of proposals.”

Fann said the city would generate $15,000 a year on a 20-year lease if the proposal bears fruit and the site is built. He said the commission approved to go forward with a letter of intent from Inman Solar on the project, but made no other decision about the issue.

The company, which constructs and operates solar generating sites around the state and country, already generates electricity in Polk County at sites in Rockmart, Aragon and in Cedartown’s North Business Park.

“Over a 20 year period, $300,000 is not bad on that property,” he said. “Especially since it couldn’t really be used for anything else, since it would cost too much to fill it with a business for industrial use.”

Fann said only five acres of the property will be used to construct the solar cells. He said the revenue generated is slated to go to the Cedartown Development Authority if the commission and Inman Solar agree to a contract in the coming months.

Officials at Inman Solar declined to comment about the project since it is currently in the works.