Another year of stunts, tumbles and shouts for the home team are coming up for the varsity competition and football cheerleaders at Cedartown High School, and coach Brigitte Tillery is already working her squad out for the long season to come.

“After last season’s disappointing end at State Sectionals, the squad has made a goal of making it to the State Finals this year,” Tillery said.

She said her cheerleaders are working out during weekly clinics is just one step the team is taking toward their state finals goal, with championship gold gleaming in their eyes.

Tillery said the workouts give her cheerleaders the opportunity to perfect jump sequences, tumbling, passes, partner stunts and tosses.

“Executing the elements of cheerleading in the third and highest level on the cheerleading rubric score sheet is what this squad is preparing to do this year,” she said.

So far, the workouts have gone well.

“For the first time in my history of competition cheerleading coaching at CHS, the squad has the potential and talent to score in the highest level on the score sheet in degree of difficulty, but we continue to work on improving the execution portion of the score sheet,” Tillery said.

She said injuries are a worry in the back of her mind, and that her squad is making sure to keep themselves healthy be-fore the season begins.

“Staying injury free is a continues goal because this is a team sport and it takes every cheerleader executing the routine on the cheer mats to reach the highest number of points on the score sheet,” she said. “Each cheerleader brings individual strengths to the mats; therefore, each one contributes to making it the best two and one half minute routine to win a competition. If this squad stays healthy, positive and focused, I believe the sky can be the limit to the successes of this com-ing season.”

The competition season will begin in mid-September and continue until region competition on November 8 at Kennesaw Mountain Mountain High School.

Tillery said five new freshmen joined the squad for 2014, and said they’re not only learning to work with their fellow teammates but also take on the added work of memorizing new sideline cheers for football games.

“The girl’s are as excited about the upcoming football cheer season as they are the competition season,” Tillery said. “They love cheering on the football team on Friday nights. Preparing the large run-through sign for the football team is another focus of football cheerleading this summer because they take pride in having the largest run-through football sign in Georgia.”

Along with their workouts, Tillery also has the squad busy helping to setup the annual Cheer Clinic, being held August 4 through August 6 at the Cedartown High School girl’s field-house.

The clinic will be held daily from 9 a.m. until noon for children ages 4 years old through eighth graders whom are interested in the sport of cheerleading.

“We work on cheer skills such as cheers, sidelines, dances, jumps, basic tumbling, and basic stunting,” Tillery said.

Registration will be held July 31 from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. at the girl’s fieldhouse at Cedartown high. The cost of the clinic is $40 per participant, with a discount given to siblings.

A cheer clinic t-shirt is included in the price. Mack, the CHS Mascot, will be attending the cheer clinic.

The 2014 Cedartown Lady Bulldogs cheer squad consists of Seniors Kassie Beck and Payton Cox: Juniors Bren Lewis, Kiersten Pace, Emily Pruitt, and Gabbie Ramos; Sophomores Maddie Allred and Halee Blackmon; and Freshmen Baylee Davenport, Chloe Lee, Lizzie Lee, Lauren Lindsey and Khristyle Walton; Mascots Sophomore Ava Tillmann and Freshman Laura-Ashlee Tillery.

Tillery also added a new coach to the squad for 2014, Bethany Nevarez.