Ralph Jordan

Ralph Jordan

The family of a former Cedartown Standard columnist is hoping Polk County residents will be interested in a new book they have put out of his work.

Ralph Jordan, who from 1973 to 1976 wrote the “Old Timers” column for the Standard, is no longer around to see his new book “Tales by Old Timer” in print. However his daughter Gloria Collins said she couldn’t be happier to see her father’s work back on ink and paper.

“Originally the Exchange club was going to publish it, but there was confusion about the copyright at the time after he died,” Collins said. “A cousin of mine that retired did the work. She found where my aunt had saved all of daddy's stories. My cousin found them here a few months ago, decided she'd put them on her computer and compiled them. She didn’t do a single bit of editing either.”

Collins, who got her copy this week, said the book contains 500 pages of Jordan’s columns, which include stories from Polk County’s past and on the lives of the people around him at the time he wrote.

Jordan also wrote for Goodyear’s employee newsletter before retiring as second shift supervisor at the plant. Collins also said he was an avid outdoors man, hunter and Boy Scout leader.

“Tales by Old Timer” is available for order in paperback from Amazon.com for $11.87 plus shipping.