Miguel Leal and Rachel Rowell

Miguel Leal, president of Kimoto Tech, talks with Rachel Rowell during a “meet and greet” session in Cedartown.

Agnes Hagin

Rachel E. Rowell, new President/CEO of the Development Authority of Polk County (DAPC), has officially assumed her duties.

Chairman David Williams of DAPC said she has “hit the ground running” since her first day on the job – Monday, July 7.

“We have been to Atlanta and back,” he said. “We have made appearances at meetings to introduce Rachel to city and county officials.”

These included a “meet and greet” session at Cherokee Country Club in Cedartown where she talked with plant and local industry executives.

Miguel Leal, president of Kimoto Tech, was among those who met Rowell at the Wednesday event.

He mentioned his tenure at Kimoto Tech, which received the 2013 Polk Industry of the Year award.

Rowell will serve as the primary contact for economic development activities through the Development Authority of Polk County while providing support to development authorities in Cedartown and Rockmart.

“We are pleased to have Rachel join our team,” Williams said.

He said she has a proven eight-year track record in economic development, especially in larger, successful markets such as Bartow County.

“We are confident that Rachel’s experience in leading Bartow County’s existing industry program, assisting with large industrial expansions, industrial park development and non-traditional types of economic development will advance Polk’s goals,” he said.

Rowell has previously visited Polk and believes it is poised for growth. She anticipates joining local leaders in a team effort to bring more jobs to the county by supporting existing industry expansion and new plant locations.

“I am excited to be here,” she said. “I look forward to meeting everyone in Polk and its cities.”

Williams said Rowell would become involved in the marketing process of the new speculative building now under construction in Cedartown North Business Park. The project is slated for completion later this year.