The owner of Ringgold's popular restaurant "Farm to Fork" is opening a new eatery in an old location.

It's been a little over a year since the beloved "Farm to Fork" restaurant moved from the Remco Business Center to a brand new building off Battlefield Parkway, but owner Hugh Harris says he'll be opening a new restaurant in the old Remco location.

"We're opening up 'Nanny's Country Kitchen' over there coming up," Harris said. "It'll be great. It'll seat about 80 people or so, and it'll be good, fresh, old-fashioned country food everyday."

The location, 114 Remco, was extremely popular for a number of years when Farm to Fork was there before, which prompted Harris' interest in opening something new.

"The community trusts us with 'Farm to Fork,' and we want to bring them another great place to eat," Harris said.

Harris described the new eatery as "country cafeteria style" similar to Piccadilly or Aunt Effie's.

"Aunt Effie's is gone and we need that type place in town," Harris said. "We'll also have a salad bar similar to Ruby Tuesday. Everybody wants to have a big salad bar like that back in town."

Harris said he's also planning a soft-serve ice cream bar like some buffet-style restaurants offer, and that he's constantly gauging interest from customers on social media.

"We ask people what they think on Facebook and things like that," Harris said. "We get their opinions. We want to give people another option in town and we think they're really going to enjoy this."