Floyd County investigators said Sunday they believe that a missing Armuchee woman’s death is related to her car wreck — but they don’t believe the wreck happened where the vehicle was found.

And they don’t think the wreckage found in Armuchee Creek on Saturday afternoon has been there since Angela Worsham, 33, of 275 West Union Road, was last seen on Feb. 1.

“Given what we found, I would say (it’s been there) less than a day,” said Floyd police Lt. Daniel Pendley.

Police officials met back at the scene early Sunday morning and combed the area around the median and the bridge on U.S. 27 just north of Ga. 156.

Sgt. Baker Harbin said the lack of ground disturbance at the Armuchee Creek site indicates the wreck did not occur in that area.

“Rocks haven’t been disturbed,” he said. “The banks haven’t been disturbed. And just the sheer physics of it makes me believe, and pushed me to think, that it did not happen there.”

Comparing damage to the vehicle with the bridge structure also left investigators puzzled.

“It doesn’t match up with the damage that should have been there from an accident happening there,” said Harbin.

Officers are treating Worsham’s death as a wreck-related fatality and Floyd police officers are looking for where the car could have crashed into the creek.

Harbin said they also plan to examine Worsham’s 2000 Volkswagen Jetta’s black box, an event data recorder found in most newer-model vehicles.

“We’re calling it an accident, but the location is still up for grabs,” he said Sunday. “Day-shift is searching Ga. 156 for any possible entry points to the creek, but that’s as far as we’re going right now.”

The officers’ next step is to see what a Georgia Bureau of Investigation autopsy, which is scheduled for today, turns up.

Worsham’s final missing person’s report has been completed, but Floyd police investigator Mary Parris said the incident report concerning her wreck and death is still under wraps, pending her autopsy.

The Armuchee woman’s Jetta was found in Armuchee Creek at 5:31 p.m. Saturday by Charlie Henderson, who was searching for a fishing spot.

It was pulled out later that evening, and the body of Worsham — who was last seen at the Food Lion, 3385 Martha Berry Highway, on Feb. 1 — was found inside. She was pronounced dead by Deputy Coroner Gene Proctor at 9:45 p.m. Saturday night.

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