Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are coparenting 'so well right now' Content Exchange

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are coparenting "so well right now".

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has praised her ex-partner - who has been accused of cheating her - for how they share parenting of their 20-month-old daughter True.

When one fan wrote, "I wished Tristan never messed up! Him and Khloé were so cute together! #KUWTK (sic)", Khloé responded: "Same babe. Same lol #KUWTK but we are coparenting so well right now. It is a great space to be in. Coparenting is such a hard space. Much respect to all coparenters (sic)"

And in another post, she added: "He's True's daddy-she deserves to have a loving and awesome father. Tristan is amazing to her. she deserves that. We all make mistakes in life and none of us are perfect. I'm not gonna hold on to that negativity because it will only hurt myself &the energy that I get to my child."

Meanwhile, Khloé previously admitted she will "never come in-between" Tristan and their daughter.

The 'Revenge Body' host said: "It's hard, it's not easy for me. It would be easier for me to keep my daughter away and be like, 'No, 'cause you hurt me.' But, he never hurt True, him and I have our own relationship, and then Tristan and True have theirs. And I will never come in-between that, I don't believe in that."

The 35-year-old reality star credits her mother Kris Jenner and late father Robert Kardashian - who passed away in 2009 - for teaching her how to co-parent, as they were "incredible" at splitting parenting duties.

She shared: "I attest that to my parents, [who] were incredible co-parenters, from what I know. My mum and my dad, I'm sure, fought all the time, not around us."

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