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Restaurant reports for Walker, Catoosa counties

For the weeks of March 16-31, Walker and Catoosa County restaurants/hotels earned a combined ten 100 scores. There were no failing restaurants/hotels in either county. Local elementary schools had a good showing, with each school inspected scoring a 100.

Walker County

Stone Creek


1600 Happy Valley Rd,


Score: 100

Inspection date: March 19

The Brick Oven

8009 N. Hwy 27, Rock Spring


Inspection Date:

March 22


3277 Chattanooga

Valley Rd, Flintstone

Score: 100

Inspection Date:

March 22

Pigeon Mountain

Country Store

Hwy 193 Davis

Crossroads, Chickamauga

Score: 84

Inspection Date: March 22

Inspector notes: Observed raw animal foods not properly separated from each other in holding unit/during preparation. Observed container of Raw Quail on top of a container of raw ground beef. Observed concentration of chlorine in the sanitizer bucket over 200 ppm. Observed cook with beard longer than 1/2 inch not wearing a beard restraint.

Little Caesars

804 N Main St, LaFayette

Score: 92

Inspection Date: March 26

Inspector notes: Observed several personal drinks in bottles and cans in the facility. Observed drying racks and pizza oven with build up. Observed build up around the floor/wall intercept.

General Bragg Inn & Suites

118 General Bushrod

Johnson Ave.,

Chickamauga Score: 91

Inspection date: March 26

Inspector notes: Observed multiple roaches in one room on the lower level. Observed the refrigerator in one room turned

off for quite a while, causing mold/mildew to begin to grow and develop.

Majestic Manor

67 Pin Oak Dr.,

Rock Spring

Score: 99

Inspection date: March 26

Inspector notes: Observed oven door hinge damaged.


1301 Patten Rd.,

Lookout Mountain

Score: 100

Inspection date:

March 28

Lookout Mountain Golf Club

1730 Wood Nymph Trl.,

Lookout Mountain

Score: 96

Inspection date: 96

Inspector notes: Observed employee agreement not up to date.

Catoosa County

Springhill Suites by Marriott

155 General Lee St.,


Score: 94

Inspection date: March 18

Inspector notes: Observed ice machine on the 3rd floor that was not clean at a frequency to prevent build-up. Observed the shower in room 307 was not cleaned after previous occupant and prior to be provided to the next occupant. Observed the floor of the 3rd-floor hallway, as well as the stairwell floor between floors 3 & 4 on the left of the hotel, and the floor of the guest laundry room was not maintained clean.

Graysville Elementary School

944 Graysville Rd.,


Score: 100

Inspection date: March 18


1137 Battlefield Pkwy.,

Ft. Oglethorpe

Score: 97

Inspection date: March 18

Inspector notes: Observed no thermometers inside of some of the prep and reach-in coolers. Coolers should have an accurate, working, thermometer located in the warmest part of the cooler.

Thatcher's BBQ

2929 Hwy 41, Ringgold

Score: 92

Inspection date: March 19

Inspector notes: Observed potato slicer (for fries) mounted on the wall, not being cleaned every 4 hours. Observed bucket of chemical sanitizing solution stored in direct contact with bottles of condiments and clean dishes.

Hampton Inn

6875 Battlefield Pkwy.,

Ringgold Score: 94

Inspection date: March 19

Inspector notes: Observed carpet in stairwells and hallways not clean. Observed sitting chairs in rooms 124 and 307 stained, deck chairs in several rooms not in good repair, refrigerator in room 212 not clean, bench in room 212 not in good repair, and microwave in room 315 not clean.

Holiday Inn Express

38 Vining Circle, Ringgold

Score: 89

Inspection Date: March 19

Inspector notes: Observed build-up on the outside of the ice machine chute due to it not being cleaned at frequency to maintain it to be clean to sight or touch. Observed no pest control records were being kept on file. Observed the floor and wall of the 3rd-floor housekeeping closet in foyer outside stairs not maintained in good repair. It would appear there is a water leak from the roof and water damage has occurred in the closet. Observed HVAC filters with accumulation of dust in all HVAC units in the halls of floors 2 & 3. Observed food left inside the microwave of room 303 from the previous occupant and before the room was listed as available for use. Lampshade in room 204 was not clean and signs of water damage. The refrigerator in room 108 was not cleaned after the previous occupant and before being listed as available for use.

Hometown Inn

22 Gateway Business Park

Dr., Ringgold

Score: 94 Inspection

Date: March 19

Inspector notes: Observed tub not in good repair in room 212 and tub not clean and the faucet leaking in room 107. Also observed missing toilet bolt covers in rooms 107, 118, 211, and 212. Exterior door in stairwell on left side of building not protected against the intrusion of pest (light visible around door). Observed the wall needs to be painted and ceiling needs to be repaired and painted in room 212, the ceiling in 211 needs to be repaired.

Buffalo Wild Wings

37 Parkway Plaza Pl.,


Score: 96

Inspection date: March 20

Inspection notes: Observed inside top of microwaves not clean to sight or touch.

Battlefield Golf Club

285 Cannon Drive,


Score: 84

Inspection date: March 20

Inspection notes: Observed employee eating in the kitchen and drinking out of a water bottle instead of a single service cup with a lid and a straw. Observed time/temperature control for safety (TCS) foods cold held at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit in the double door glass Coke cooler. Observed PIC preparing and handling food in the kitchen without wearing a hair restraint.

The Big Biscuit Barn

1389 Lafayette Rd.,

Rossville Score: 93

Inspection date:

March 20

Inspector notes: Observed the concentration of sanitizer solution for ware washing and food prep surface well above the allowed maximum concentration for bleach solution. The testing strips read the solution well over 150ppm for bleach. The strips turned black during testing. Observed wet sanitizing wiping cloths outside of sanitization solution container on service line.

Econo Lodge Inn and Suites (Tourist)

2120 Lafayette Rd.,

Fort Oglethorpe

Score: 84

Inspection date:

March 20

Inspector notes: Observed ice machine dispenser chute not being cleaned at a frequency to be maintained clean to sight and touch. Observed in rooms 111 & 207 that the shower head cover on the wall needs to be sealed in place and also observed water damage in room 111 around the top of the tub. Observed daylight from outside the door of room 201. Observed the HVAC filter in room 207 with a tear in it and in room 156 the HVAC filter had an accumulation of dust. Observed lamp shade by window in room 111 not in good repair. Also in room 111 the hairdryer was not in working condition, the microwave was not being maintained clean in room 111 & 201, the coffee maker in room 156 had an accumulation of dust. Observed the bed covering in room 111 had multiple holes and tears in it. Observed the electrical outlet in room 207 was in need of repair.

Taco Bell (Battlefield Parkway)

3022 Battlefield Pkwy., Fort Oglethorpe

Score: 90

Inspection date: March 20

Inspector notes: Observed broken hand soap dispenser at hand washing sink. No soap was able to be dispensed. Observed no hand-washing sign in the women's restroom. Observed several cracked and severely scalded plastic containers. Observed heavy food accumulation under shelves in reach-in coolers. Observed improper plumbing of hot and cold water at hand washing sink in the kitchen. No hot water was available at hand sink, unless the water at the three compartment sink was also turned on or in use. There is no way to regulate water temperature at hand washing sink. Water is either cold or scalding hot.

Tres Amigos Mexican Restaurant

4793 Battlefield Pkwy., Ringgold

Score: 86

Inspection date: March 25

Inspector notes: Observed food employee handle RTE food with bare hands. Employee prepared a soft taco without wearing a glove on the hand he was holding the taco with as he was stuffing the taco. Observed employee preparing food while wearing a bracelet. Observed vegetable washing sink being used for straining silverware. Bucket used for straining the silverware with food debris was inside of the vegetable washing sink.

Lakeview Middle School

1200 Cross St., Rossville

Score: 100

Inspection date: March 25

Jack's Family Restaurants

56 Lakeshore Dr., Fort Oglethorpe

Score: 87

Inspection date: March 26

Inspector notes: Observed gravy in walk-in cooler at 90 degrees Fahrenheit that was covered with a lid that had been cooling for over 3 hours. Observed several pans of sausage cooling in small reach-in cooler stored in Styrofoam boxes with closed lids stacked on top of each other. The sausage was at 50 degrees and had been cooling for 2.5 hours according to PIC. Observed excess grease on the outside of the grease trap and all over the concrete pad.

Firehouse Subs

882 Battlefield Pkwy., Fort Oglethorpe

Score: 91

Inspection date: March 26

Inspector notes: Observed prep cooler not cold holding at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Internal thermometer was reading 60 degrees Fahrenheit. TCS foods inside of the prep cooler (top and bottom) ranged in temperature from 47-63 degrees Fahrenheit.

New China

69 Poplar Springs Rd., Ringgold

Score: 90

Inspection date: March 26

Inspector notes: Observed an employee beverage not in a single use cup with a lid and straw. Observed made in house sauces being stored without a label containing the common name. Observed sauces in walk-in cooler being stored on the floor of the walk-in cooler.

Performance Learning Center School

2 Barnhart Cir., Fort Oglethorpe

Score: 100

Inspection date: March 26

Mumdee's #3

124 3rd St., Flintstone

Score: 100

Inspection date: March 27

Mumdee's #2

3277 Chattanooga Valley Rd., Flintstone

Score: 100

Inspection date: March 27

Super 8 Ringgold

5400 Alabama Hwy.,

Ringgold Score: 94

Inspection date: March 27

Inspector notes: Observed toilet bolt covers missing in the rooms 151 and 260. Observed missing light covers in the bathrooms of rooms 101 and 260.

Soho Hibachi

1022 Battlefield Pkwy., Fort Oglethorpe

Score: 100

Inspection date: March 28

Restaurant report compiled by reporter Carrie Chandler.


Explanation of grade / score

A: Food safety excellence with a numerical score of 90 to 100.

B: Satisfactory compliance with a numerical score of 80 to 89.

C: Marginal compliance with a numerical score of 70 to 79.

U: unsatisfactory compliance with a numerical score of 69 or less.

Summary of inspection scores for March 16-31

A+ (100): Walker, 4; Catoosa, 6

A (90-99): Walker, 4; Catoosa, 10

B (80-89): Walker, 1; Catoosa, 5

C (70-79): Walker, 0; Catoosa, 0

U (below 70): Walker, 0; Catoosa, 0

Family Crisis Center raises $22,000 with annual mystery dinner fundraiser

The Family Crisis Center of Walker, Dade, Chattooga & Catoosa Counties raised more than $22,000 on the evening of March 30 during its annual mystery dinner show fundraiser.

The event, which was held at the Walker County Civic Center, featured a Saturday Night Live-like comedy show with music, dancing, and lots of laughs.

"We had approximately 300 people in attendance this year, and I think everyone had a great time with all the laughter," said Crisis Center Director Kristy Lawson.

The event helps the Center raise money for the services it provides to local victims of domestic violence.

Lawson says the event raised $14,050 between table sales, sponsorships, and the silent auction, plus an additional $8,111 in in-kind donations for a total tally of $22,160.

"The community really showed their support for The Family Crisis Center with their donations, table sponsorships, and attendance," Lawson said.

More than 20 community players came together to perform the mystery comedy show, many of whom are elected officials, law enforcement members, and educators including Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson, Bruce Coker with the Walker County Sheriff's Dept., Rossville Mayor Teddy Harris, Walker County School Superintendent Damon Raines, Catoosa County Commissioner Jim Cutler, Ringgold Mayor Nick Millwood, Ringgold city employee Dexter Coley, Fort Oglethorpe City Council lady Paula Stinnett, Catoosa County Chamber of Commerce President Amy Jackson, Greg Jackson of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Shanda Reese of Reece Enterprises, Catoosa County Coroner Vanita Hullender, David Betty,

Marcy Muller with Georgia Legal Services, Sarah Morris with Bowers and Gibson, Walker County Probate Judge Christy Anderson, Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Supreme Court Judge Brian House, LaFayette Mayor Andy Arnold, Richard Marable with McDonald's community relations, and DJ Bobby Daniels with J103.

Lawson said October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which means the Family Crisis Center will plan events for that month that could include a 5K race, and the Center's annual Tea and Trends Fashion Show.

"Of course, we look forward to our mystery dinner show event each year and can't wait to start planning for March 2020," Lawson said. "It just amazes me how the community comes together and shows their support for this organization."

Health department extends exposure risk in Chickamauga hepatitis case

The Northwest Georgia Health District's ongoing investigation and surveillance in response to the restaurant worker with hepatitis A at McDonald's at 106 LaFayette Road in Chickamauga indicates that there is a need to extend the risk period of hepatitis transmission to March 29.

Therefore, we recommend that anyone who consumed food or drink at this restaurant from March 4-29 contact their health-care provider or local health department to determine if a hepatitis A vaccination is needed to prevent the disease.

The hepatitis A vaccine is safe, effective, and well tolerated. It is the best protection against the hepatitis A virus.

We also urge the public to continue to practice normal preventive measures of hand washing and sanitation.

Free hepatitis A vaccination will continue to be provided at the Catoosa and Walker County Health Departments April 10-12 during regular hours of operation.

• Catoosa County Health Department, 145 Catoosa Circle, Ringgold, GA 706-406-2000

• Walker County Health Department, 603 E. Villanow Street, LaFayette, GA 30728 706-638-5577

Anyone who consumed food and/or drink at the restaurant during this time should also:

1. Monitor their health for symptoms of hepatitis A infection up to fifty days after exposure.

2. Wash their hands with soap and warm water frequently and thoroughly, especially after using the bathroom and before preparing food.

3. Stay at home and contact your healthcare provider immediately if symptoms of hepatitis A infection develop.

Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver that can cause loss of appetite, nausea, tiredness, fever, stomach pain, dark-colored urine and light-colored stools. Yellowing of the skin or eyes may also appear. People can become ill up to fifty days after being exposed to the virus.

Hepatitis A is acquired when a person unknowingly ingests the virus from objects, food, or drinks contaminated by small, undetected amounts of stool from an infected person. The virus spreads when an infected person does not wash his/her hands adequately after using the toilet or engages in behaviors that increase risk of infection. Careful hand washing, including under the fingernails, with soap and water, along with vaccination of anyone at risk of infection, will prevent spread of this disease.

Ft. Oglethorpe Kiwanis Club announces honorees
Catoosa Sheriff Gary Sisk and Walker County's Eddie Upshaw win Distinguished Service Awards.

Eddie Upshaw

Gary Sisk

The Kiwanis Club of Fort Oglethorpe's Distinguished Service Awards luncheon will celebrate the event's 12th anniversary on May 1 by recognizing Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk and Walker County community leader Eddie Upshaw.

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes the outstanding career, community and civic contributions made by the honorees and the positive impact they have on bettering our community.

Kiwanis is an international service organization dedicated to helping change the world, one child and one community at a time.

"The beauty of the Distinguished Service Award is that we bring the community together to celebrate the honorees and recognize their accomplishments," Club President Dan Nichols said. "It really is a feel-good event that the community, our club members and guests look forward to."

Gary Sisk

Sisk was raised in the Lakeview community of Catoosa County. He is a graduate of Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe High School and attended West Georgia College and Georgia Northwestern.

Sisk began his emergency services career almost 30 years ago with the Post Volunteer Fire Department, became an emergency medical technician and worked a full-time position with a local ambulance service. In 1989 Sisk went to work with the Catoosa County Sheriff's Department as a detention officer on the night shift while still working as an EMT during the day.

Gradually decreasing his time as a volunteer fireman and EMT, he focused more on his law enforcement career, working his way through the ranks of the Sheriff's Department and ran for sheriff when the sheriff at the time decided to retire. Sisk was elected and took office Jan. 1, 2013. Sisk is a POST-certified general instructor and founding member of the Tennessee Valley Regional Communication System utilized by all emergency services in Northwest Georgia.

Since becoming sheriff, he has focused on rehabilitation while remaining aggressive with crime prevention and apprehension. Sisk partnered with Georgia Northwestern and started the first GED program in the jail and has brought in other organizations such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, The Transformation Project and Project Change.

Sisk believes that investments in young children's lives are imperative to facilitate a better future for all. This

is evident by the number of community service organizations Sisk is active with and that most serve children.

Sisk and his wife Meredith have been married for 25 years and have two daughters, 17-year-old Jessica and 10-year-old Madison.

Edward 'Eddie' Upshaw

Upshaw was born and raised in the Kensington, Ga., community, graduating from Chattanooga Valley High School where he played football, basketball and ran track. He graduated from Chattanooga State College, where he received his associates degree in civil engineer.

He worked in his family's construction business and while under contract with North Georgia Electric Membership Corporation (NGEMC) was offered a job as a heavy equipment operator by Jim Young. The pay was better as a lineman, so he changed careers and worked his way up through the ranks to become a supervisor. Upshaw led many NGEMC crews out of town to respond to disasters such as Hurricane Hu-go and Katrina. He retired after 42 years of service as a service lineman and trouble shooter supervisor at NGEMC.

Upshaw grew up in and has always attended Pleasant Grove Baptist Church, currently serving as a trustee. His love for his church can be seen in his everyday life and dedication to community service. He's a member of the Chickamauga Lions Club where he served as president 10 times and zone chair.

His community service includes serving as a founding member for Habitat for Humanity, North Georgia YMCA, Family Crisis Center and the Cottage. His interest in community health and economic development led him to volunteer for several organizations including Georgia Public Health Association, Lookout Mountain Community Services and Walker County Chamber of Commerce. Upshaw has been recognized as Walker County Citizen of the Year, Walker County Patriot Citizen of the Year, YMCA Volunteer of the Year and Chickamauga Lions Club Member of the Year.

Happily married to Debby for forty years, they live in Chickamauga and are the proud parents of Katie and Conner.