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Lake Winnie water park opens May 25

Lake Winnepesaukah in Rossville will open its Soak Ya! Water Park for the 2019 season on Saturday, May 25.

The Memorial Day weekend seasonal debut of the five-acre water park is a welcome addition to families seeking to splash into refreshing summer excitement.

Soak Ya! continues to bring waves of fun to park guests, including the addition of the Winnie 500, which has guests sliding head-first into summer Soak Ya! splashes. Guests can race family and friends from 50 feet in the air, to a triumphant splash for the checkered flag. The thrilling, nearly 300-foot-long addition is just part of popular Soak Ya! attractions such as the Zoom Flume & Waterworks.

"Lake Winnie is packed with exciting adventures for the whole family, but the water park tops them all," Lake Winnie spokesperson Talley Green said. "The collection of water attractions at Soak Ya! brings guests a whole new level of thrills, and in keeping with goodnatured water park fun, a few spills, too."

Amusement park guests can take the train to the "Soak Ya! Station" on the west side of the park, which serves as the entrance to the water park.

There they can float along the Crazy River, with surprising delights of tiered waterfalls, sprayaction features, and rolling rapids. Rushing water will send adventurers careening down numerous slides, including spiraling enclosed tube slides for multiple riders and both open and closed flume body slides for individual riders.

On May 25, Entercom, a leading media and entertainment company and one of the two largest radio broadcasters in the U.S., presents 103.7 KISS FM's Coolest Kickoff to Summer event at Lake Winnie. Pop artist MAX will headline the free acoustic performance hosted by Chattanooga station 103.7

KISS FM (WKXJ-FM), with an opening set from Jake Miller. The performances begin at 4 p.m. EST at the Jukebox Junction Stage.

"To maintain the commitment of being 'Chattanooga's No. 1 for New Music,' 103.7 KISS FM is once again bringing some of the newest and hottest Top 40 talent to the Chattanooga and North Georgia area," said Nichole Hartman, senior vice president and market manager, Entercom Chattanooga. "This year's performances are expected to raise the bar by deliv ering not one, but two of pop music's fastest-growing stars, MAX and Jake Miller." The performances are free with admittance to Lake Winnepesaukah.

Singer songwriter MAX has been on the scene since starring alongside Ariana Grande on Broadway at the age of 16 and later in Nickelodeon's Rags, but he's transformed his career into hit singer-songwriter with the chart-hitting 2016 single "Lights Down Low."

Jake Miller is truly a dynamic artist with an undeniable passion for emotive music, and his latest single "Wait For You" debuted at No. 1 on Apple Music's Breaking Pop playlist.

Restaurant inspections
Inspections for Walker, Catoosa for May 2-8

Walker County restaurants all earned between 90 and 99 during this week.

In Catoosa County, one restaurant earned a perfect score, while four restaurants earned between 90 and 99. Only one restaurant earned a score between 80 and 89.

Walker County

Great Wall

13311 N. Hwy. 27, Suite 1, Chickamauga

Inspection date: May 3

Score: 92

Inspector notes: Observed ice dispenser with build up. Observed food containers without labels. Observed hood vent with build up.

Skate and Play

1951 Hwy. 136 E, LaFayette

Inspection date: May 3

Score: 92

Inspector notes: Observed spray bottle of Hot Shot insect killer stored in the food prep area. Thermometers not calibrated according to manufacturer's specifications. Observed 2 food thermometers out of calibration. Observed no test strips within the food prep area for sanitizer buckets. No chemical test kit provided when using chemical sanitizer at three-compartment sink/ware washing machine.

LaFayette Health Care

205 Road Runner Blvd., LaFayette

Inspection date: May 3

Score: 99

Inspector notes: Observed serving ladles stored on top of the food pans.

Farm to Fork

8139 N Hwy. 27, Rock Spring

Inspection date: May 7

Score: 91

Inspector notes: Observed hot potentially hazardous food received at less than 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Observed chili held at 105 degrees. Observed frozen potentially hazardous food slacking at greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Observed beef brisket at 55 degrees.


106 LaFayette Road, Chickamauga

Inspection date: May 7

Score: 96

Inspector notes: Observed equipment and utensils in the


A: Food safety excellence with a numerical score of 90 to 100.

B: Satisfactory compliance with a numerical score of 80 to 89.

C: Marginal compliance with a numerical score of 70 to 79.

U: Unsatisfactory compliance with a numerical score of 69 or less.

sanitizing side of the 3 compartment sink not submerged in the sanitizing solution.

Villanow Street Bakery and Cafe

117 W Villanow Street, LaFayette

Inspection date: May 7

Score: 95

Inspector notes: Observed wrong discard dates for deli meats. Observed ice scoop stored down in ice maker.

Catoosa County

Springhill Suites Continental Breakfast

155 General Lee Street, Ringgold

Inspection date: May 2

Score: 91

Inspector notes: Observed time/temperature control for safety (TCS) foods (Canadian bacon, hard boiled eggs, and cantaloupe) being stored at a temperature greater than 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

2A Wings

1014 Battlefield Pkwy., Fort Oglethorpe

Inspection date: May 3

Score: 100

Logan's Road House

2584 Battlefield Pkwy., Fort Oglethorpe

Inspection date: May 6

Score: 96

Inspector notes: Observed mechanical hot water sanitizing dish machine not reaching the minimum temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Observed several sanitizer buckets with a minimum concentration under the manufacturer's specified effective range of 150 ppm for Quaternary Ammonium.

1890S DAYS
Jamboree will bring music, food, fun, crafts, fireworks and more

It's that time of year again — 1890s Days in Ringgold.

If you've ever been to the annual event, you're probably going again. If you haven't been, here's why you should give it a try: it's free; there's tons of great music, dance and comedy; there will be more than 100 vendors selling food and crafts; all your neighbors will be there; your family will probably be there and if you aren't, you'll be all alone at home. Plus there's a parade and a cruisein. And the event ends with fireworks Saturday night.

It's like several holidays rolled into one before the heat of July and September and the cold of December.

Here's what you can expect at the 1890s Days Jamboree on May 24 and 25.

Friday, May 24

The Junior's Building Material Stage on Nashville Street

6 p.m., Cody James Harris

7 p.m., Chuck Holt & Tim Starnes

8 p.m., Courtney Daly & The Daly Special

The Walter Jackson Chevrolet Stage on the courthouse lawn

6 p.m., Appointed Quartet

6:30 p.m., Testimony Quartet

7 p.m., The Greesons

7:30 p.m., The Bondservants

8 p.m., Hullender Family

8:30 p.m., Jordan Family

9 p.m., Appointed Quartet

The Mountain View Stage on Cleveland Street

6 p.m., Dana Russell

6:30 p.m., Alabaster Voices

7 p.m., Master Peace Quartet

7:30 p.m., 2x2 Quartet

8 p.m., Emmaus Road Quartet

Junior's Building Materials Stage at Ringgold Depot

7:30 p.m., Comedy show featuring Mark Poolos

Ringgold Telephone Co. Stage at Ringgold Depot

7:30 p.m., Comedy Show featuring Mark Poolos

Saturday, May 25

The Junior's Building Materials Stage on Nashville Street

Noon, Backwater Still

1 p.m., Spinster

2 p.m., The Wrecking Crew

3 p.m., Nina Ricci

5 p.m., Mother Legacy

6 p.m., Cecil Alan Moore

7 p.m., Roger Alan Wade

8 p.m., Ava Grace

8:30 p.m., Robby Hopkins Band

The Walter Jackson Chevrolet Stage on the courthouse lawn: fiddle and dance contest

9:30 a.m.-10:50 a.m., Mandolin and Guitar

11 a.m., Parade and Opening Ceremonies

12:30 p.m., Banjo Competition

1 p.m., Fiddle Competition

3:30 p.m., Band Competition

5 p.m., Individual Dance Competition

7 p.m., Team Dance Competition

8 p.m., Fiddle-Off Competition

The Ringgold Telephone Co. Stage at Ringgold Depot

7:30 p.m., Comedy Show featuring Mark Poolos

The Mountain View Stage on Cleveland Street

Noon, Jessie Thornton-Karate

1 p.m., Shani Hedden Palmer

2 p.m., Troy Underwood

3 p.m., Dakota Williams

4 p.m., Dance Team

5 p.m., Dance Team

6 p.m., Mt. Peria Male Chorus

7 p.m., Roberts & Sims

8 p.m., Common Ground

Grand finale

10 p.m., Fireworks