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Workout Anytime to open just in time for New Year's resolutions

Workout Anytime, a premiere nationwide 24/7 fitness facility, will be opening in Calhoun around Christmas this year, just in time for those New Year's resolutions.

The area was a perfect place for a facility. "We looked at Calhoun and were interested instantly," said Workout Anytime Regional Director Red Brisebois. "We don't just randomly put gyms in; we visited the community and talked to people, went into businesses and visited. One thing that was needed in this area (for a gym) was a high value at a low price point. I'm not saying other fitness centers don't have value, I'm saying not a lot have a such a low price point (for what is offered). We have top of the line equipment; we offer unlimited tanning, hydro massage beds and even guests privileges every time you come in (to workout). You can bring a person in every time you work out, the same person each time, unlimited. All for $25 dollars. There's also a $15 per month membership, which works out to 50 cents per day. So you can see, there's a lot of value. Plus, we're open 24-hours a day, seven days a week. There are mills in the area; people who work second or third shift can now work out anytime. Also, our membership is a true month-to-month membership. There's no cancellation fee and there's no yearly contracts. The only requirement is a 30-day notice to get a member out of the billing cycle. The business model is perfect for this area."

Workout Anytime, based in Atlanta, is billed as a true 24-hour, seven-day-a-week fitness concept with approximately 150 facilities across the United States. Founded by fitness veterans John Quattrocchi and Steve Strickland, the company was formed to provide members with first-class fitness facilities at the lowest cost possible.

"Right now, if you're a member here and you go to Atlanta or Nashville for the weekend or on business, you can use one of our clubs there," said Brisebois. "Once you're a member, you can use all 150 of the clubs across the nation. It really helps with people that travel."

Workout Anytime Calhoun opened their Facebook page this week, which gives updates on the opening of the facility.

According to Brisebois, staff is expected to be on-site beginning Nov. 1, where people can begin to join the facility. "We'll be doing what we refer to as Charter Membership," said Brisebois. "These are people that join the club before it opens. You can join for $1. Pay the $1 to secure a spot and then begin working out once the club opens. Monthly billing will not begin until the

club opens."

Located at 516 W. Belmont Drive just west of Wal-Mart, the Calhoun facility building is currently being renovated and expanded to be able to handle more fitness equipment and workout area. The new Workout Anytime facility will include: 24-hour access for all members

Matrix Selectorized Strength Training Equipment

Rows of cardio including: treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers, and stationary bikes

Dedicated Plate Weight area featuring: Hampton free weight dumbbells, squat rack, flat and incline bench press, smith machine, and a variety of assisted weight lifting equipment

Flat screen televisions

Use of all Workout Anytime facilities across the country

Monthly fitness evaluations Certified Personal Coaching Ergoline tanning beds HydroMassage units

reACT Eccentric Anaerobic Core Trainer Styku 3D Body-Scanning Technology Free Wi-Fi access

For more information, visit the Workout Anytime Calhoun Facebook page at

Community invited to view SPOOKtacular Halloween display in Meadowbrook Subdivision

Emmanuel "Manny" Vasquez has worked hard all year in preparation for the Halloween season. Moving to Calhoun from Dalton in April, he knew that this first holiday season in Calhoun, beginning with Halloween, would be important establishing his family in the community.

Vasquez, a cardiovascular specialist at Cartersville Medical Center, grew up poor in South Texas. He was actually sometimes homeless and dreamed of having a nice home he could decorate.

After graduating high school and college, he moved to Dalton, where he bought a home and became the envy of the neighborhood, decorating his home for each holiday in thousands of lights, inflatables and electronic decor that he continues to add to today at his new home in Calhoun, in Meadowbrook Subdivision, off of Curtis Parkway near the Calhoun City Schools Complex. Vasquez, along with his wife, Ketta and his teenage son, Kenneth, is dedicated to decorating the same way he did while living in Dalton. Not only does he decorate, but he is available to give tours of his top-of-the-line Halloween displays.

"It started off with the Christmas lights (when we lived in Dalton), because I'm a Christmas baby," said Vasquez. "Being Hispanic and Catholic, Christmas has always been a big part of family and celebration. So moving here from South Texas, I saw that there was really not much of the (big display of) Christmas lights in my neighborhood, the only time I could see lights was when we would go to Rock City. I thought it would be pretty cool if I had a bunch of lights around my neighborhood. It started a little bit here and there, and every year, it grew bigger to where I ended up having a large light display and some of the neighbors ended up doing light displays, too."

Vasquez says light displays are the perfect way to get to know neighbors and the community.

"We all tried to outdo each other," said Vasquez. "And that brought us closer as a community. You know how a lot of people don't know their neighbors? This brought people around. We started walking around the neighborhood to look at other people's lights, and began talking to our neighbors and getting to know them. We started to take care of each other as a community. Everyone had a sense of community and closeness, and little things like this is what makes a difference."

Thanks to his display, Vasquez is beginning to meet new neighbors in his subdivision

"Around my new neighborhood, I've met new neighbors because

I'm outside in my yard, always decorating," said Vasquez. "I have different themes throughout the year, like St. Patrick's Day, when our house is green. We kind of overdo it during Halloween and Christmas."

Vasquez is very cautious and uses the utmost in safety precautions for his display. "It started off with a couple of lights; now, everything is LED and they are a lot safer now," said Vasquez. "Whenever we talk to our neighbors, I always try to throw in there the important stuff, like having respect for electricity. I work at a hospital, and I've seen the results of when a house burns where something was not done right. You have to be careful with what you do: don't use improper wires, you always have to have the correct installation. Having a lot of these lights can really pull a draw on your electrical system. A lot of people that don't know how to do it will just assume one wire or cord will take care of everything and that's not the case. You have to have it planned out and evenly distributed."

Vasquez's light display has something for those young and old. "One side is kind of creepy and the other side is kid-friendly," said Vasquez. "I try to incorporate a little bit of both for everyone, especially during Halloween. I even dress-up in costume, kid-friendly, of course. I want everyone to have a good time. They can come over and take pictures with the decorations and inflatables. My house is always a welcoming place."

Now that Kenneth is old enough, he helps his dad out with the display each and every holiday. "My son used to think we were going over the top," said Vasquez. "Being a teenager, he was always afraid it'd attract (negative) attention and he didn't like it much at first. But then when kids began talking at school about our house, he came around. He'd request for me to do new things, so much so that when we now go over to the Halloween store, he's the one that picks out all the decorations and plans where it needs to go. I'm old-fashioned and like the lights and some inflatables; he's the one that picks out the more tech-driven decorations, the things that talk and move."

Vasquez's wife Ketta enjoys that her husband is so committed to the decorations. "My wife knows this is my outlet, my sanctuary," said Vasquez. "My job is very demanding, so when she sees me out in the yard, she sees me more at ease and knows it keeps me sane. It's kind of like working on my garden. It's something I enjoy doing and it keeps my mind busy."

Vasquez will keep his Halloween decor up until trick-or-treating ends on Halloween night. "Right on Halloween night, everything comes down except the lights," said Vasquez. "We change the lights out to orange and brown for Thanksgiving, and we put a couple of inflatables turkey's on each side of the house. As soon as we have our Thanksgiving dinner, whoever is at the house, we all go outside and we start decorating for Christmas. It's a continuous family affair."

Visit the Vasquez house in Meadowbrook Subdivision, off of Curtis Parkway in Calhoun, to see the house in full decoration through Halloween night, Oct. 31. The Vasquez's will be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters throughout the evening.

Sugar Valley man charged with fraud in contracting/building

According to Gordon County Sheriff Mitch Ralston, an arrest was made on Tuesday, Oct. 10, 2017 of a Sugar Valley man in connection with fraud in contracting/building.

In September, the Sheriff's Office received a report regarding complaints of fraudulent business practices involving the contracting and/or building of homes, and substantial amounts of money. Sheriff's detectives initiated an investigation which involved interviewing a number of victims and witnesses, and the acquisition and examination of extensive amounts of documents and financial records.

The investigation culminated Tuesday with the arrest of Chris Allen Taylor, age 51, of 901 Pocket Road, Sugar Valley. Taylor has been charged by detectives with: three counts of theft by conversion of payment for property improvement, all felony counts. The case involved three separate victims in three incidents, and also involved more than $175,000 in unlawfully converted funds.

Taylor turned himself in to the county jail Tuesday morning where he was booked and subsequently released on bond. The case is still active at press time and will be forwarded to the District Attorney for prosecution.

Information provided by the Gordon County Sheriff's Office at