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Aaron Perry withdraws from Catoosa County commission race
Perry moving to take new job

War veteran and Graysville native Aaron Perry has withdrawn from the race for Catoosa County commission District 3. Citing familial and work obligations, he issues the following statement:

“Over the last three years I have had the pleasure of living in Catoosa County, a place that has always been home for me and my family. It has been amazing reconnecting with so many friends and especially my family. Ringgold and Graysville have grown so much and have a bright future with the right leadership in place.

“Several weeks after announcing my candidacy, I was offered an opportunity through my employer to pursue a career-advancing position serving elderly and disabled individuals. Unfortunately, this would require that my family and I relocate to Augusta, Ga., within the next 60 days. After much thought, prayer, and discussion with my family we have decided to pursue this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Therefore, it is with great sadness that I will be officially withdrawing from my campaign for county commissioner of District 3. I would like to wish Vanita Hullander and Jim Cutler the best of luck and will continue to pray that they are able to lead Catoosa County into a positive future.

“Thirteen years ago I left home to defend America from her enemies. I came back with experience, knowledge, and strength to serve my community. Now I must leave again but this time for the service of compassion and tending care to our elderly and loved ones. I know one day I’ll return again to the community that has always held my heart.

“Finally, I would like to thank all my supporters who have encouraged me throughout my brief campaign. Stay involved in the race and let your voice be heard.”

Ringgold swears in re-elected mayor, new city council members

Ringgold held a special swearing-in ceremony Friday night, Jan. 3, so the newly elected mayor and City Council members could take their oaths of office for their upcoming terms.

In November, Mayor Nick Millwood and council member Sara Clark were both re-elected to second terms, while new members Jake Haynes and Rhonda Swaney were also elected to the board.

During the ceremony, each official took the oath of office and spoke about their gratitude for the community’s choice to allow them to serve.

“I would like to thank everyone who took part in this election through casting your ballot. Your voice was heard and I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve alongside each and every person our city has elected,” Mayor Millwood said.

In addition to the oaths that were taken, City Manager Dan Wright pointed out how special it is and will be to have two females serving on the City Council for the first time in the city’s history.

“We’re making history tonight in the city of Ringgold. For the first time since 1847, a 173 years, we’re going to have two ladies serving on the City Council,” Wright said. “We’re excited to see what the future holds for the city of Ringgold.”

Not only was it a great accomplishment for the female leaders, Clark took her oath a step further by having City Clerk Nicki Lundeen swear her in.

“A special thanks to this woman right here (Lundeen) because we did say we’ve got two women now on the council, and I wanted a woman to swear me in. So I’m so grateful that she was willing to step out of her role and do that,” Clark said. “I’m excited to serve for a second term. We have a good things going on in Ringgold, a lot of growth. I think it will be an exciting next four years.”

The first meeting of the new year will take place Monday night, Jan. 13, at 7 p.m. at Ringgold City Hall with a work session slated to take place beforehand at 6 p.m.

Restaurant inspections for Catoosa and Walker counties: Dec. 16-31, 2019

Over the holidays, Catoosa and Walker counties did outstanding in the health inspections that were conducted. Of the nine restaurants and facilities inspected, seven earned an A rating.

Catoosa County

Kentucky Fried Chicken

5387 Alabama Highway, Ringgold

Inspection date: Dec. 17

Score: 97

Inspector’s notes: Observed sanitizer solution in all working containers not meeting the minimum required concentration (4 points).

Roller Coaster Skate World

2076 LaFayette Road, Fort Oglethorpe

Inspection date: Dec. 18

Score: 100

Turnbuckle Bar and Grill Inc.

61 RBC Drive, Ringgold

Inspection date: Dec. 26

Score: 100

Walker County

LaFayette Golf Club

638 South Main St., LaFayette

Inspection date: Dec. 17

Score: 100


12937 N. Highway 27, Chickamauga

Inspection date: Dec. 18

Score: 99

Inspector’s notes: Observed scoops stored handle down in spices (1 point).

Phibbs Bar

96 Fieldstone Village, Rock Spring

Inspection date: Dec. 19

Score: 84

Inspector’s notes: Observed raw meats (steak, chicken) stored not in original container above ready to eat foods (9 points). Observed temperature-controlled foods (made in house sauces, deli ham) stored in reach-in cooler held over 24 hours with no date marking (4 points). Observed kitchen employee wearing bracelets and watch while prepping food (3 points).

Twins Pizza and Steak

1104 West Main St., LaFayette

Inspection date: Dec. 27

Score: 90

Inspector’s notes: Observed person in charge unable to demonstrate in a verifiable manner that employees are informed of their responsibility to report information about their health and activities as they relate to diseases that are transmissible by food (4 points). Observed multiple temperature-controlled foods (shredded chicken, cooked noodles, sliced lettuce) in walk-in cooler held over 24 hours without proper date marking (4 points).


1400 Patten Road, Lookout Mountain

Inspection date: Dec. 30

Score: 100

Hardee’s (Chickamauga)

12876 North Highway 27, Chickamauga

Inspection date: Dec. 31

Score: 82

Inspector’s notes: Observed frozen ready to eat temperature-controlled food (chicken patty) in open packaging stored touching raw frozen beef patty’s (9 points). Observed TPHC procedure not being followed as specified in written document (9 points).